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iOS 5 Users Can Make Custom Text Tones Too

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 13, 2011.

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    One of the new features of iOS 5 is the ability to purchase alert tones from the iTunes Store. Users have long been able to purchase and create custom ringtones, but the ability to customize text tones is new.

    The process for creating custom alert tones is identical to creating custom ringtones. iOS 5 now offers the ability to select full-length ringtones as a text message alert. To create a custom Alert Tone, simply make a "ringtone" of the proper length (2-5 seconds) and select it as the text message alert in Settings/Sounds.


    Italian Apple site Melaspazio.it [Translation] noted process was the same as creating ringtones. There are a few ways to create custom ringtones. The easiest option is a dedicated app like Ringer from Pixel Research Labs. This $3.99 app, available on the Mac App Store, creates custom-length audio-files directly from the iTunes Library, including fade-ins and -outs. It converts them properly and sends them directly to iTunes for syncing.

    For users who don't want to pay to create a custom ringtone, there is a free option. Simonblog has the full instructions with screenshots, but here's the summary:
    If you're going to use a file as a text tone, be sure to keep it short or you'll be hearing 30 seconds of AC/DC's Back In Black every time you get a text. GarageBand can be used to create custom ringtones as well.

    Article Link: iOS 5 Users Can Make Custom Text Tones Too
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    I'm surprised Apple hasn't made this more publicized. People have been begging for this forever.
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    I haven't upgraded yet due to my main computer being out for repair. Can you do custom tones now for iPod touch because it would be nice to do custom alerts for mail and what not
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    Good to know.
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    You say that like its a bad thing :)

    I have found that it works to keep the custom texts to 15 seconds or less. I used some of my ring tones that were 30 seconds and they didn't always work. If I edited them to under 30 seconds they worked every time.
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    Jordan, they're called Alert Tones, not Text Tones. You can use them for more than just SMS notification.
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    Now if only we could set txt tones specific to the sender. e.g. I'd like to make a txt from my gf sound different than a txt from my bank telling me I'm overdrawn.
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    Better to have different tones from the wife or the mistress :D
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    I'm not sure if they removed this in iOS5, but on my 4 I can goto my contacts, edit and assign a specifc txt tone as well as ringtone to them.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I say the proper length for a text tones is around 1 sec. 2+ is a little on the long side.
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    Correct - this feature still exists.
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    You could do this with 4.x. Now you can apply a custom tone to any sender.
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    iOS custom text tones

    Spotted this one right away :D

    These are the instructions I sent to my mates yesterday:

    Tested the custom text tones facility on iOS5. Works a treat with iRinger. Go to http://www.iringer.net/ to get the latest version, import the file you want as a tone, export it as a text tone (CAF) then tick export to iTunes, click go, go to iTunes and drag the alert tone (from ringtones) onto your phone. On the phone go to settings > sounds > text tone > pick your new tone and tada! What's even better is that now if you look at your contacts and edit there is a custom field for text tone so you know who text you just from the alert :)
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    I despise the default ringtone. This and the ability to have my upcoming calendar entries overlaid on the lock screen (Cydia app called "Lock Calendar", if there's something similar of iOS5, please let me know via PM or something) was the only reason for me to stay jailbroken. And the ability to use my sim card in an AT&T locked phone.

    Now I feel even better for waiting for the iPhone 4S. My current 2G still works fine. Gonna sell it on eBay I guess.
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    I've used garage band to create five different ringtones for my iPhone already.

    Guess I'll look into making myself some mail tones and such now.
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    Notification center shows events that are upcoming in the next 2 days.
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    Probably because it's embarrassing that they're several years late on this. Definitely happy we finally have this though, now I won't have my dad ask me "was that my phone or yours" every time I get a text...
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    atleast someone's parents know how to text
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    GarageBand is still the best method of creating custom tones.
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    This is huge for me. Everything that I thought was better about my Droid phone has been answered with this update now, except for not having Google's navigation (Loved that, was better than a standalone Navigation unit). I loved custom text tones on my droid and it drove me nuts that you couldnt do it without jailbreaking. The iPhone is almost perfect, and I'll just have to pay for a Nav app to get the only remaining thing I am missing from the iPhone.
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    You could also buy them on iTunes. I got R2D2 from Star Wars, Darth Vader, John Belushi saying "Toga, Toga!", etc. All for .99 cents.
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    What about lazy folks like myself? Any sites that have pre-made Alert Tones that someone could recommend?
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    you can......

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