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iPad mini iOS 6.1 iPad mini wifi issues

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Woomy123, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Since upgrading to ios 6.1 on my ipad mini I have been having some really annoying wifi issues, it continuously disconnects and reconnects to my wifi network, on top of this I am getting really slow download speeds when I test it on the speedtest app, usually I would get about 40-50mb download and 10-20mb upload but since upgrading I can now only get about 4-5mb download and about 5-8 upload, I have tested this on my iPhone and MacBook and they are perfectly fine no speed loss or disconnections so I know it's not my wifi box, is anyone else having this issue and if so has anyone found a solution to fixing it?
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    Try a hardware reset and see if that clears things up. ;)
  3. Cool2zing, Jan 31, 2013
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    Slo wofi on ios 6.1

    I am also facing

    iOs 6.0 : wifi connected but apps cannot connect to internet
    iOS 6.0.1 : wifi disconnects or some times just loading

    Now iOS 6.1 : wifi connected apps also connected but very low speed . Website opens in 10 sec instead of 2-3 sec

    Why is this happening i have 7 ios device and all are facing wifi issue
    P.S. apple you neet a guy from network seriously this bugs is making me feel bad
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    Mine only connects to 5.0 ghz wifi networks. It will only connect to 2.4ghz networks sporadically and on certain networks. It worked on both flawlessly for about a month on 6.0.2 and then stopped connecting. Now I am on 6.1 and it hasn't been better or worse. Luckily I have a 5.0ghz channel at home and it sometimes wants to connect to my other 2.4 on occasion.
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    I had those same wifi issues when I first bought my iPad mini last year but it went away after I got it replaced with a new one. I just updated my mini to 6.1 this morning, I'll test it out when I get home.
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    I am also noticing a drop in signal of wifi on my iPad mini. In the fringe areas of my house the iPad mini seems to disconnect from the wifi network and I have to manually select the network again. It use to work great in the fringe areas where a MacBook Air gets great reception and speeds.

    The new iPad gen 3 does not seem to be affected with wifi signal and iPhone 5 actually increased signal after the 6.1 upgrade!!!
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    Yeh I have to manually select my network again as well, I restored my ipad mini thinking it might solve my problem but no change :(
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    So by all of you posting are you saying that you have done a network reset and you still have issues?
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    I have and i have noticed that if i am really close to the router i can connect (sometimes with internet other times without). If i walk away from the router, (ipad still connected) i do not get any internet and it will drop the network. I have tried all of the guides online trying to get it to work but in the end i cant get it to go. I might try a restore one of these days and see if that fixes my problem.
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    Did you also reset your router?

    If so, then backup, reinstall the OS and restore from the backup.
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    I have done all this still no luck
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    Since upgrading my mini, I've actually experienced an improvement.

    Now it pulls in a WiFi signal as well as my iPad 4.

    What luck :D
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