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IOS 6 Beta 1: stability

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Dima470, Jun 11, 2012.


IOS 6 Beta 1 Stability

  1. It runs REALLY well

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  2. It's pretty good with minimal crashes

    66 vote(s)
  3. It's okay but not really stable; crashes alot

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    9 vote(s)
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    How is it? Usable? Wondering to download or not.
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    The official advice is not to use the beta on your "real" devices but it seems that nobody follows that from the posts on this forum. That said, it seems useable to me although not if you need reliable maps ... that part is definitely still in development. The app store is a bit buggy too but nothing serious.
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    Would be nice if my phone and ipad would activate!
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    Are you really Kesha? :eek:
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    I could be lol
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    If you are I want your autograph. <3<3<3
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    Im not! But atleast my phone is activated!
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    I can not get the search function to work in maps. it crashes everytime i touch the search bar. has anyone else had better luck? I can use siri to search though which seems weird
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    Toby Ziegler

    It seems my WiFi only 3rd generation iPad doesn't like WiFi. There's some irony for you I suppose. I reset my router, disabled security, reset network settings on the iPad, restored as new...nothing worked.

    Seems I won't be on the beta boat this time around since without WiFi, my iPad is pretty much useless for anything I need.
  10. Vundu, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012

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    Maps crashes when I try and search for anything 100% of the time.

    Music stops playing and forgets my position when I exit the music app 50% of the time.

    Like in the first iOS 5 beta I have the US app store even though I am in the UK.

    No other issues so far.
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    I've experienced a few crashes so far, but some of them were related to the fact that I was pulling massive amounts of data for the restore, so I let them slide.

    All in all it's pretty stable, but still obviously beta software. Beta means beta. I don't understand why people assume this is the release version. It was specifically beta'ed for the EXACT PURPOSE of finding bugs. Everytime it crashes, Apple learns something they didn't know before.

    With that said, I've noticed a little weirdness with iTunes Match and music, sometimes it signs me out whenever I log into my iTunes/iCloud account with the other AppleID. My iCloud Email and AppleID are different (however interchangeable in everything). Weirdly though, iTunes Match does a MUCH better job of actually working in iOS6 than it did in iOS5. Apart from being signed out twice, which wasn't a big deal, I haven't been able to trip it up.

    Seriously though, there are new features EVERYWHERE, and most of them aren't publicized.

    Read the release notes over at the Dev center. Cool stuff they fixed/added.
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    I find this BETA slow. Also I can see that some application is using the location service, and what a surprise guess GPS will drain my battery coz i have Setting time zone turned on to location. wow.

    Maps dont have the turn by turn voice yet, no route recalculation, so its pointless at this stage to be honest. No 3d view for my country.

    I did download it and will continue testing but it seems more raw than ios 5.
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    Searching in Maps crashes every time. Running on 4th gen iPod touch 32GB
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    It's pretty good with minimal crashes. I put it on my primary device...been using maps, new text features, Siri today...so far so good. A few minor problems here and there.
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    I find the performance to be pretty good..only thing that lags sometimes is typing in the messages app..

    I noticed a weird bug that my brightness on my 4S seems to drop back down to zero unexpectedly (auto brightness is off)

    other than that, its been running pretty smooth on my new iPad and 4S
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    My maps app also crashes when trying to search. Oh well, there's a reason it's called a beta.
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    Almost everything runs very well for me. The new iTunes and App Store are very buggy for me, it keeps showing me the US store instead or the UK (other than that the store updates are really good, much nicer to use and looks tonnes better.)
  18. Falk3n, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012

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    Agree also i noticed that theres a bug in screen brightness settings..
    too dark at restart and hurtful in 100 %
    Maps is awesome too
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    Everything runs pretty well EXCEPT for the Music and App Store. Those 2 are slowww
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    Did you ever get this resolved? I did on my iPad but nothing I try on my iPhone 4S gets me to the UK store.
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    There is a thread with over 200 responses about the bugs and flaws of iOS 6 so far. If you want to check it out, follow the link...

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    Very usable. A few little bugs here and there, but nothing that hinders daily performance. Very smooth so far, and I can only assume it will get even better with each beta release, but from the gate it's quite polished.
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    macbook pro i5

    Its fine,rarely you have safari crashing but thats expected with beta software.
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    It runs great. Ive had a few crashes here and there but nothing like I was expecting.

    Its actually much faster and more responsive than iOS 5 other than the few crashes. Im very happy with it.
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    running well here,
    only one app crashes on me. but not all the time,

    maps is a bit of a issue, still needs work.

    but for a first beta, not too bad.

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