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iOS 6 Beta for Developers Now Available

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Following the WWDC keynote, Apple has made the first developer beta of iOS 6 available through its iOS Developer Center. The beta arrives as the 10A5316k build leaked as inactive links yesterday.


    The beta is available for the iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2 and later, and the fourth-generation iPod touch. Builds of the new Apple TV software for second- and third-generation devices are also available.

    In addition to iOS 6 releases themselves, Apple has also released iTunes 10.6.3 for developers, as well as Xcode 4.5 developer preview.

    Article Link: iOS 6 Beta for Developers Now Available
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    9to5Mac were spot on then.

    Disappointing about the iMac though :/
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    "I have you now" as Vader would say. I'm hesitant to switch from my Jailbreak though...
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    There is a reason they made it available for the 3GS. Apple now can get more map data from more iPhone users.
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    About the time where most people on this forum wish they had developer accounts.
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    No iTunes 11? Perhaps that will be saved for the music even in September (or October like last year)
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    I want iOS for the Apple tv.
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    Very tempting but I'll wait for the public release this fall.
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    which iPad 2 is which? is Rev A the new model or the original production?
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    Anyone else getting "Access Denied" error when trying to download any of the images?
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    tempted to try those new features sry, i mean product placements but it's rather pointless without running mountain lion at the same time
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    About 25% remaining of the 800MB download.
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    Renewing membership, then it's all go!
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    I'm just sad about the iOS 6, i just can't believe....Only if they are planning another "major" update when releasing iPhone 5...damnish...:eek:
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    Or they'll just called it iTunes X and rev it up. (kidding)
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    It's downloading!!
    I'm excited!
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    Yeah I'm also getting that error. I called Apple's developer telephone support line and they told its because they're still updating the website. So even though its posted, its still not technically there.
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    Yeah I am, well confusing. I should have permissions to view it :s
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    I can't seem to grab iTunes 10.6.3. It keeps sending me to the regular page on apple.com...
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    I guess I'm a little disappointed, but what were you hoping for? The user interface is the best in the business at this point. Why change it?
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    The release notes are still unavailable, but it would be interesting to see if the speculated UDID replacement is in iOS 6, and if MapKit automatically uses the new Apple tiles.

    Note that it says "release version". You can download iTunes 10.6.3 from where it sends you. ;)
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    So when can we get this as non developers?
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    Currently installing on my GSM iPhone 4 and my new iPad!
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    just downloaded it for 3gs. question is do i need intunes 10.6.3? if so the link in the members section points to 10.6
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    Rev A is for iPad 2 models bought after the new iPad was introduced.

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