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iOS 6 Concept Video

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by samjohnbeck, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. samjohnbeck, Jun 10, 2012
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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to share a concept video i've put together for iOS 6 ahead of WWDC 2012!

    Edit: for anyone having trouble viewing this on YouTube (on mobile devices), I've uploaded it to Vimeo as well where it should play ok on most devices.

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    Great job!!:)
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    I LOVE your video. I do hope they add more features than that though.... IOS 5 was a major change. What tools did you use to make that video?
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    Thanks! I used a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. I agree that there are loads of features I wanted to include but I didn't have the time to get them all into the video before WWDC!
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    i just left a comment on YT....nice work man
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    Simply outstanding, guy. That song you used was awesome, too.

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    Great video. Very polished.
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    Make it available on mobile please.
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    I'll be happy if iOS 6 is anything like that.
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    Hell of a video. Major props OP.
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    loved it
    i was expect scott to pop up and start talking, very well done

    loved your ui concept for the music app,
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    We just need Quick REply and Landscape Mode for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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    Wow that's truly fantastic! Loved the video, looked official :)

    And even though it was only shown very quick, I liked those re-designs in the music app :)
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    Power Macintosh

    How long did you do it? How long was the render time?
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    Good effort :D, I love Two Door Cinema Club.
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    If you want quick reply keep jailbreaking. Apple considers that already addressed (Reply from: Notification Center, Lockscreen, Notification Banners).
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    It's been a project I've been coming back to off and on for a few months. Every icon, UI element and the iPhone/iPad hardware itself were all designed in illustrator/photoshop from scratch. Rendering varied depending on the complexity of the scene, it was averaging about 10 minutes per second of footage at 1080p.
  18. Syk
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    That was a very good, polished and professional looking video. I just hope iOS6 brings more than that to the table but I undertand it's time consuming to produce something like that.
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    That was really good. Color me impressed :D
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    Really nicely done! Good job!
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    Amazing job. So well-done that it looked totally professional - could have been done by Apple themselves. Even though I consider myself tech savvy, I am always amazed by pieces like this created by advanced programs. So cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    I don't normally comment in threads like this, nor do I take the time to watch it.

    There's always a first; and I liked it.
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    WOW. Very impressive job. People like you are what makes this site great, Sam! Awesome work.
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    Thanks for the vimeo link for mobile!

    Impressive for a concept video. Everything is definitely possible and realistic. Glad you kept it down to Earth.
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    You will certainly be hired by Apple soon!

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