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iOS 6 on primary device?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by yodayoda, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Do you plan to install/Have you installed iOS 6 on your primary iPhone?

    If so, would you recommend doing this?

    If not, why would you advise against?

    Right now planning to only use for testing purposes, but tempted to install for my primary personal phone. Anyone have any issues?



    Sorry disregard thread just saw the same one below ;/
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    Yep. I have it on my primary iPhone 4S. Very stable thus far.
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    Second that.
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    Is the default wallpaper lo res on the actual device?
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    I've got it on my primary 4S. Not too bad. Little things, but it's summer and I don't need serious stability at this time so I went for it.


    I don't have anything that is "lo-res", everything is native retina resolution.
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    Wish I could but since MobileIron doesn't want to play nicely with it I only have it on a spare device. Need to have my email and calendar!
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    So, basically looks exactly like this? Same resolution.

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    Only apps I've seen have issues are Infinity Blade 2 and Instapaper.
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    Monopoly Hotel refuses to load and crashes. Also Draw Something isn't loading.

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