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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by pr0230, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I'm waiting for the first revision... From prior IOS releases , when would Apple send out an update.... Two months?
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    Well 7.0.1 was released for the iPhone 5s and 5c last week. I suspect the first update for the rest of us will be iOS 7.0.2 (they usually release those before jumping to a .1 release), and I think we'll see it in the next 3 weeks or so. Hopefully sooner than later.
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    6.1 was Jan
    5.1 was March
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    Things are a little different this year. My educated guess is that they'll need to update iOS to support what ever new things they add to the iPad 5. I also suspect that they had no choice but to release iOS 7 when they did since the 5s and 5c depended on it, but for that they probably would have done one more beta.

    Assuming iPad's come out next month, then I'm guessing a 7.0.2 or 7.1 will appear at the same time.
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    This is a brand new iOS so expect more tweaks and fixes this year as problems arise.
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    if there is a 7.1 coming out in october with the new ipads like some people claim shouldnt we have had a beta by now? usually testing to developers last awhile.
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    No reason new iPad support couldn't be baked into a 7.0.3.
    What is in a version number anyway?
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    X.x.x versions are usually bug fixes. X.x versions are usually some small featured as well as to support new hardware (such as 6.1 was the new lockscreen controls and camera lockscreen swiping thing), and obviously X releases are large updates to the os.
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    i think 7.1 on October and 7.2 early next year
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    They don't release betas of point releases generally.
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    7.1 will be out in late October, alongside Mavericks, new iPods, new iPads, new iMacs and possibly a refreshed AppleTV.

    It will feature bug fixes, additional LTE band support for other international carriers, iCloud Keychain, among other new features.
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    If it's just bug fixes, it will probably be 7.0.3. 7.1 will probably have new features.
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    they do seed betas for .x releases.. see 6.1, there where betas released to developers before the public release.
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    They don't have to - if there's new features or things they feel need heavy testing, they may..otherwise, they may be perfectly happy with internal testing only.
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    I suspect the first and only Beta we'll get will in fact be the GM of 7.1 announced when the new iPads are announced. Apart from the aforementioned iCloud Keychain (which was in an old 7.0 beta), I suspect the main changes will revolve around iPad specific new features which Apple won't want known until after the announcement.
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    I think iOS 7 arrives to 7.3 or 7.4
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    When Apple feels it's ready and/or it wants to release it...whenever that will be.
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    Did you say "new iPod?" :O
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    iCloud keychain was tested for those running Mavericks and iOS 7.0. Unless something really new comes out, they can probably just release 7.1 without too much changes/tests beforehand.
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    Or their may not be new ones this year, but there's a chance we may see refreshed models this year at the October event.
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    Aaah! Can't wait but I won't hold my breath!
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    Apple releasing ios 7.1 oct 26

    Well Maybe! Im not updating till the release of IPAD news and IOS 7.1...
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