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iOS 7: Battery Usage Not Working

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by swillion, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I'm running iOS 7 on an iPad Mini. Ever since the upgrade, the battery usage stats inside" settings > general > usage" stopped working. (Screenshot attached).

    Is anyone else experiencing this?


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    SOmetimes this issue occurs to me, too. Mostly it appears after random restart(which i still get).
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    Weird. How were you able to fix it Poly?

    Apart from this bug, everything seems to be stable over here.
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    Happened to me too sometimes, only thing that fixes it is to give it a charge to 100% then it starts working again for me on my i5.

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    Thanks Adam, I'll give it try and update this thread.

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    This would happen on my iPad mini running iOS 6. Like the others, I'd have to charge to full [or at least 80%?] to get the gauge to work again.
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    I am not able to fix it :(
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    Charge your phone to 100% and let it sit for a bit.
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    I already charged it like 4times to 100% but the battery only has enough fuel to work for 4hours of wifi usage! (which is another problem, very fast battery drain since ios7)
  10. swillion, Sep 20, 2013
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    Random restarts and excessive battery drain. I hope it's only an OS fix. I reinstalled my iPod Touch OS to factory settings few years ago when it started lagging. And it was good as new after that.

    My iOS 7 powered iPad Mini has lasted for over 8 hours of continuous use, and the battery still has 26%. I've been streaming videos from Youtube/Dailymotion, reading articles/blogs, Facebook, Messages and listening to random music. Brightness 40%.

    I hope the battery usage stats return to normal after the next 0-100% recharge cycle. Fingers crosses. I'll be sure to update this string.
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    Yeah i hope it's only a software issue.
    But with iOS6 and iOS7 betas my battery life was "ok"...i always had 7-9hours of usage with iOS6 and 7beta.
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    Try a "reset all settings". All your data and info and accounts stay but wifi, accessibility, notification center, location services, etc are reset.

    I swear by it. Whenever I have something strange it clears it right up especially battery issues.

    For the guage, if you restart the device, it resets that time until you fully charge.

    Also a springboard crash will cause it to reset. Check Settings->General->About->Diagnostics->and see if you have a crash since your last full charge. Reset all settings can help with springboard crashes also.
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    Wow...there is a lot of data i ahve no clue of what to do with! Do you know what those things mean? Or maybe can you help me by explaining? Does any of these files explain why i have excessive battery drain?

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    The battery usage stats only measure the usage time from a full 100% charge on a single session (i.e. don't restart your phone).

    If you charge it completely full to 100%, then unplug it, you will be able to see your stats until you plug it in again or restart it.

    If you charge it to 98%, then unplug it, you should have no stats (like your screen shot).

    If you charge it to 100%, then unplug it, then restart your phone later, you should have no stats (again, like your screen shot).

    Hope that makes sense.
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    I remember charging the iPad to 100% before unplugging the power cable. The stats remained blank even after half hour of usage.

    Later during the day, the OS required a "reboot" when I changed accessibility > font size > bold.

    Either way, battery stats remained blank. I hope this fixes itself after the next full recharge cycle.
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    why would it not continue to show after a restart?
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    I don't know, that's just what it does. I noticed that back in June when I was running the first beta and my battery was getting hot. I never paid attention enough in iOS 6, so I don't know if the same rules applied to that one.
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    Battery Usage Stats Now Working :)

    Stats began showing after the second 0-100% recharge.

    Poly, I hope this works for you too.

    Thanks everyone!

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    moldy lunchbox

    Actually I believe it starts the usage clock at 93% i've charged it to 95-99% plenty of times and looked at it my usage with the exact time from full stated on it.

    Macbook does the same thing, 98% and it's telling me it's full with a green charged light.

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