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iOS 7 beta 3

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by batting1000, Jun 24, 2013.

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    So, now that beta 2 is out, we can start looking forward to beta 3. :cool:

    Do you think we'll be looking at another two weeks, longer, or shorter? Cult of Macs predictions say July 10th which is two weeks and two days...

    We can use this thread to discuss beta 3.
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    there was already a thread about this and it went to the wasteland. i assume this one will too
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    Why didn't the beta 2 thread that was posted after beta 1 was released go to the wasteland? :confused:
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    What I would like in Beta 3 is Quick Reply. Just my two cents on this thread.
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    Someone was telling me that before. Quick Reply would be pretty awesome!:D
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    i have problems playing video in an app called 'free video' and it is annoying, but it cant compare to what they fixed in beta 2.
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    My bet is that beta 3 is not going to take 2 weeks, it will be out sooner, possibly next week.

    There's a major bug when updating to beta 2 without restoring as a fresh iphone.
  9. ILOVEMYMBP2.2g, Jun 25, 2013
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    NO theres not, I sure as hell haven't had a major bug and I updated without restoring as a fresh phone
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    If there was a major bug it would be all over this forum, which is it not.
  11. nephron8, Jun 25, 2013
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    I got screwed in it.
    I got ota notification. I downloaded it. When I woke up it told me its ready to install.

    But it would reboot phone and get stuck at install. Nothing could help and screen would be stuck on that.

    Finally I had to visit local apple store where they happily restored my phone back to 6.1.4
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    I used xcode to install the first beta and did the ota on this one, no issues...its a wonder the apple store helped you. You probably go a bad download.....:D
  13. jmmo20, Jun 25, 2013
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    It is in the dev forums.


    If you are a developer you only need to visit the developer forums. If you had you'd know how huge this bug is.
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    I really got kind soul at apple store.
    I agree.

    Will download full ipsw and then try.
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    Yet tons of people here and many other places online have upgraded to beta 2 and using it just fine without restoring or anything like that. So, if there is an issue, it doesn't exactly seem like a major one (at least in the sense of how common/widespread it is).
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    You just got impatient. It took 30 minutes on the iPhone4 install to finish after it started. But I slowly watched the progress bar creep until it finished. Figured it had a lot to repair being a delta update. The iPhone 5 took about 5 or 10 minutes for the install after download was complete.
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    As someone who uses a passcode, quick reply or anything quick from a lock screen is pointless. I think the passcode is far more important.
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    Quick reply from inside an app is what we want.
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    Can you link to the thread? I'm not seeing anything that stands out in the forums.
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    Maybe there can be a setting to allow Quick Reply from the lock screen like with Control Center.
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    What is the bug? I did the OTA update to beta 2 and it's been great. Better overall performance than beta 1, especially battery life.
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    Maybe, but eventually and especially with messages, you're defeating the purpose. If you turn on everything to access via lock screen passcode or not, then why bother with a passcode at all?


    Explain, please.


    Umm are you sure? I had no issue.
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    For example: I get a text while in Safari, I should be able to just reply from right there and send my message. I shouldn't be pulled OUT of Safari and into Messages.
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    I heard the next beta was just going to be called The New Beta
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    Oh! that would be nice. I honestly couldn't follow.

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