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iOS 7 Beta Warns Users When Using Unauthorized Lightning Cables and Accessories

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 12, 2013.

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    As noted by Life On My Mobile, the first beta version of iOS 7 includes a system for warning users when they are using unauthorized cables or accessories with their devices. The software does not, however, prevent the cables or accessories from functioning.
    Unauthorized Lightning cables and docks quickly entered the market after the new connector standard was introduced in the iPhone 5, driven by shortages of Apple's official Lightning cables and slow progress in bringing official third-party manufacturers on board. Availability of certified Lightning cables and accessories has since broaden significantly through Apple's MFi Program, but unauthorized parts remain on the market.

    Apple's Lightning connectors use several chips to manage dynamic pin assignment for the diminutive connector, chips which also allow Apple to recognize whether the connectors come from authorized channels.

    Article Link: iOS 7 Beta Warns Users When Using Unauthorized Lightning Cables and Accessories
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    Can't keep fleecing customers my ass!

    I've got 4, including two great travel/car retractable cables and got some for a lot of the people at work. No problems. Stop being so greedy, it's enough you're hoarding money overseas.
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    Nice notification box. Hadn't seen a screenshot yet. :cool:
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    Good, should make some users think twice about buying a $1.99 cable that might fry their device, or burn down their house.

    You paid $400+ for your device, a $20 cable is hardly being robbed.
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    Seven iOS versions...and we still have notification popup boxes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Good, good.
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    Will that message appear on non-authorised 30-pin connectors running iOS 7?
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    Yeah it's very annoying.. I have two "Apple" lighting cables and 3 non-apple. It's even doing it on my one officially licensed cable as well. Not happy, hope I can turn it off on the final version.
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    I see this same message in iOS 6 with my knockoff lightning cable, from time to time.

    I don't think this is new for iOS7.
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    I noticed this yesterday

    I couldn't remember if iOS 6 had warned me about my cable or not, but with iOS 7 I am reminded each and every time I plug it in.

    I wonder if this will have any warranty implications if you have battery life issues in the future. Will iOS 7 generate a report of how many times non-MFI cables were used?
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    Seems unnecessary and rather obnoxious in my opinion. If you buy a cheap cable, why should you be warned. I hope they remove it.
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    I think it's akin to the genetic vs monster hdmi cables. Yea, it's highway robbery.

    For the record I use micro usb lightning adaptor that I got from china for 4 bucks shipped. Works great to charge my phone in the car.

    This is also no different than my honda dealer telling me to use genuine honda oil filters, which are re labeled fram filters. No thanks.
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    That's a ridiculous comment. If someone buys a cheaper cable, they do it at their own risk. No need for Apple to scold them. Just another way to get people to overpay for Apple accessories.
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    The two Lighting cables I've purchased from Apple have performed worse than the two third party MFI and non MFI cables I've purchased ($10 and $15).

    The rubber shield just below the connector starts to wrinkle, and on one cable it started to get really hot when it was plugged in :/

    (Non MFI cable was purchased before any third party could actually get certified and works perfectly fine)
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    Don't worry, someone in China is probably coming up with a workaround and will be on eBay in a few months time...
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    I suggested this idea myself and Im glad they put it in, because I am sick to death of people buy fake Lightning cables that may not be guaranteed to work properly beyond charging and may short out the phone as well. This naturally won't be covered under warranty. Its well known if the make of the cable is not MFI certified, these may cause damage to the phone, especially with voltage. All these fools buying $2 cables which are obvious fakes and don't have the genuine authentication chip, should be immediately excluded from any technical support in any manner if not using genuine cables.
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    Safety first.
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    Apple's way of telling you to stop being cheap
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    We know the cable you are using isn't one of ours. We won't prevent you from using it - but we might have added some special fun code to whack out your device from time to time which will get you to buy an official cable form us "just to be sure."
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    Oh my, how can we possibly get through life without Apple guiding us?
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    Yes, because everyone who buys cheaper cables understands the risks. :rolleyes:
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    A cable is a cable. But I guess Apple prefer it if you buy their £20 ones.
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    Now we just need the inevitable jailbreak setting to stop this. ;)
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    You're "sick to death" of people buying fake cables? Why do you care? How does it affect you?
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