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iOS 7 Control Center Question.

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Bitmin1991, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I see that Beta 5 has an "Allow within apps" option for Control Center. Does this option allow you to edit where you can access Control Center? For example, could you disable it in Safari?
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    No, as of now you cannot customize the setting.
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    So it's a one shot deal for all apps?
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    Yes, unless they change the functionality in the future.
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    Interesting that they haven't added a similar feature for Notification Center now that it's there for Control Center.
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    Well, you're probably less likely to mistakenly drag down notification center then you are with control center.
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    In cases where you are likely to do it, which are often game related, it would seem you are pretty much just as likely to have swipe actions from top as from bottom.
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    But in games that are full screen, you usually have to swipe down twice... the first time you swipe down a little tab appears, and the second time actually brings down the notification center, whereas the control center comes up in one shot in those modes.
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    I could be recalling it incorrectly, but I believe they did the same kind of thing with Control Center in full screen apps too.

    That said, even full screen apps aside, why is it more likely that you could accidentally bring up Control Center vs. Notification Center? Simple proximity of where people typically hold their fingers as well as where the home button is located?
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    I'm not the one that said that, but I could see that as being the case. I think it might be more for natural scrolling position. When I hold my phone, I'm usually using my left hand with three fingers on the right side, my index finger up around the camera on the back, and my thumb sitting across the bottom of the screen. I think that's because of my tendency to be pushing my finger up to scroll down in something, whereas people who keep their finger at the top to push down would be scrolling up, which is the least likely scenario of the two, I guess.

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