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iOS 7 ideas?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by iPhonemaster5S, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I know that iOS 6 came out recently however I was slightly disappointed in its "new" features. I would like to be able to have a multi-tasking window like on the Galaxy SIII. A new maps would be nice along with being able to close down all of the apps at once not just individually taping them down. What would you guys want on iOS 7?
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    Notification icons in the status bar. Please. NC sucks.

    I can get a little moon in my status bar to tell me about Do Not Disturb, which I have either turned on manually or scheduled to turn on. But I can't get a little envelope to tell me I have an email or a little speech bubble to tell me I have a text.

    Badges suck too. If my phone app has anything more than a "1" badge, there is no way for me to tell if it's missed calls or actual voicemails.

    Aside from notifications, my biggest gripe is no toggles. I'd like to be able to toggle my wifi, bluetooth, etc, from the lock screen or at least from NC. Having to unlock and go in to settings has become a little stale.

    These are issues that have existed since the dawn of iOS and I think they deserve a fresh look.
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    It seems then that you would like to be more android like, the notification centers with the toggles is one of the best parts of android. Also what would be really cool is that in the iPad you could have information from your notifications be displayed in the top of the black bar.
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    Is there a bug here on MacRumors? It seems since 2013, threads are repeating themselves...over and over
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    For the notification bar:

    Quick toggles for wifi, dnd, network etc
    Quick reply would be nice
    Quick Compose and Quick Add new contacts options

    What I'd at least think would be reasonable.

    Multitasking needs improvement too
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    I hope the multi-tasking tray gets reworked to look like the one in "Auxo", that will be a nice improvement.

    Fast settings toggle will be nice. Don't mind where and how they implement it, as long as it is faster than the current method, I should be ok with it.

    Hopefully a UI improvement will be good as well.

    But given that Apple is a company which rigidly adheres to the crude mentality that they tell consumers what they want instead of giving us what we want, I'm still very doubtful if any of our wishes here will see the light of the day.
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    If Apple ever does introduce toggles to the NC, I think the most they will control is Do Not Disturb... making it similar to ML... and airplane mode.
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