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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by kaibex, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Has anyone noticed their device getting extremely hot after 5+ mins continuous use?

    It always got hot from time to time, but seems to be bordering on too hot now. I know it's the first beta, so hopefully if it is common it will be gone by the beta 2.
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    A Reset Network Settings fixed that for me last night.
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    still not installed but waiting for that.... hope do soon.
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    Had this with just about every early beta release in iOS 5 and 6.

    As stated above resetting network normally helps.
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    I've used my phone continuously for longer periods of time and still don't notice and heat issues.
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    Thanks for replies, will give that a try.
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    For anyone running the beta on his iPhone 5: do you notice any sort of lag or slowdown you think is caused by a hardware limitation or is it impossible to tell because it's a beta and too early to tell? I ask because I'm considering getting an iPhone 5 soon and am wondering if I should wait for the 5S. If the iPhone 5 runs the upcoming OS well enough then it doesn't matter.
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    The iPhone 5 will run iOS 7 just fine. There may be one of two things that the 5s might be able to do, that the iPhone 5 can't. Who knows. If you need a new phone, no reason not to get a iPhone 5, in my opinion.

    It is impossible to keep up with technology, unless one has a lot of money, and doesn't mind wasting it.
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    Not that I noticed. Running smooth, sometimes faster.

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