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iOS 7 Mail glitch?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by djr7572, Sep 19, 2013.

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    There's probably an obvious fix for this, something I've overlooked. Please see photos below. Mail is saying that I have 1 flagged message but when I go into the mailbox, there's nothing there - it just says "No Flagged Mail". I did a re-start of the phone, no change.

    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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  2. djr7572, Sep 20, 2013
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    Have you tried fetching additional mail from the server? It may be that there is a flagged message somewhere on the mail server that the mail app knows about when it's scanner headers, but clicking on the 'flagged' section will only show those on the actual device itself.

    Just a thought, maybe it could help, maybe not.
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    Is the flagged mail that you have located in your inbox, or somewhere else?
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    Well, there's only a few messages in my inbox and none of them are flagged. I dumped all the messages that were in my trash, so there's nothing in there. And there's nothing in the sent folder, either. Granted, all this checking is on my iPhone - not the actual website/server. Do I need to get on the actual server and check?

    It wasn't showing that I had any flagged messages before I upgraded to iOS 7 ... so that's kind of strange that all of a sudden there's a flagged message hiding somewhere :confused:
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    Yeah, I'd check on the server.
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    This is frustrating. There are no messages on the server - in any folder. MyiPhone Mail is still telling me there's a flagged message ... and yet, when I select the flagged messages box, it says no flagged mail. I don't get it.


    I wonder if I deleted my Mail account on my phone, and then set it up again, if that would solve it?
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    I was going to mention that removing accounts and readding them might be something to try, if you haven't already.
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    Perhaps related, I've noticed the new "flagged" folder only counts flagged messages from your various inboxes, not all folders. Which is different than the behavior in OS X mail. Additionally, if flagged in the inbox, loaded on the iPhone, but then moved in OS X the iPhone would still show a flagged number, but an empty mailbox.

    And, imo, kinda sucks. :/

    Not sure if any of that helps you, but the flagged folder seems wonky in iOS 7.
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    I deleted my Mail account and then set it up again. Success!

    With iOS 7 being brand new I guess we're bound to see some glitches and hiccups.

    Thanks for your replies, everyone! :apple:

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