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iOS 7 Multitasking Bug

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Kidder1994, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Guys can anyone else try this?

    Open any app, then double hit the home button for multitasking to appear, and then swipe up the app you were using...did you notice that if you do it... the status bar suddenly appears in the multitasking? and if u go back to the homescreen the status bar merge with the homescreen one?

    Weird isn't it?
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    I think it's just because each app in the multitasking has a status bar and both just combine quickly.
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    Its not happening with the other apps used, only happens with the app used in the moment
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    I just confirmed this on an iPhone 5. I swiped up to close Chrome (my current app) from the multitasker. The status bar remained behind only to have the regular status bar awkwardly reload on top of itself when I returned to the the home screen.
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    Oh true. It's a very weird bug lol. But I guess it's ignorable until the next bets release. But good point out!
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    I hope some developer read this to send it to apple :D coz i dont know how to do it and im not a developer anyway :/

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