iOS 7 reveals iMessage's are hogging my storage.

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by DC1408, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. DC1408, Jun 25, 2013
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    Not sure if this has a resolve, but it's taking 5GB of my storage and I cannot delete/edit. I delete my message threads regularly.

    Not sure if I'm having a naive moment, but I'm unable to free up the memory. I guess a factory wipe would resolve this, but it's not practical at the moment, albeit I'm willing to do for the storage.

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    Mine takes only 192MB.
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    Hmm, it's most likely because I didn't do a fresh install out of curiosity to see how the update functioned as a delta over a back up restore.. Concerning if it's unfixable as I will eventually run out of storage due to messages (must also back up attached images/vids) that I don't want nor need. I also can't iCloud backup as its too large by default.
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    You know what, I noticed this too last week, my messages take up 1.9GB

    Now I do send a lot of photos/video... I'd delete some conversations but well, I don't want too..

    For some reason I was under the impression that iMessages sync to iCloud and only save a certain amount actually to the device and download the older messages as and when you scroll up to them... Slightly nerving thinking my messages are taking up so much valuable space!
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    I updated OTA and didn't have any issues. That's just a myth.
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    Deleting conversations changes nothing, I delete mine regular. Only have 4 active conversations and as a thread goes, they're no more than a few days long.
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    Where did you find this display of the size consumed by iMessage? I'd like to check my phone too.
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    Settings > General > Usage. Wait for the top list to populate and tap Messages.

    I had to tap of 'show all apps' for messages to show. Mine is 109mb.

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    In my opinion this is the single biggest flaw in iOS and I'm surprised they still haven't addressed it.

    As far as I can tell, every single photo and video sent or received via Messages is stored on your device forever, and there is no way to delete it!

    My wife has to set up her phone as a new iPhone every few months because of this.
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    You can delete anything sent/received in Messages.

    My Messages take up 1 gig of space. I wish there was a nice way of backing up my messages honestly.
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    How do you delete them? I'm eager to free up my 5.7GB for something is can make use of. Deleting them through the message app does not free up the space, they seem to be backed up in the 'other' content.
  12. phr0ze, Jun 25, 2013
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    I have an app on my mac which backs up messages VERY well. It sucks all the pics/videos out and puts them into any folder in like 1 click. It also saves all messages into a database that you can browse later.

    I have no interest in the company. I'm just saying this is what I use.

    EDIT: They make a PC version too. And yes I found other software out there but most of them were a pain to get out pictures/videos (I had like 5 years of history). And some claimed they couldn't go back to older messages.
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    I have something similar. Just never really used it honestly.


    You delete them from within iMessage. It does delete them and reduces the storage. I did it on mine a few days ago.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    Perhaps you haven't been paying attention but the OP clearly identified (3 times) that he/she has deleted their messages, and yet they appear to be backed up on the device somehow. That is what Matt2053 was implying
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    In iOS6 there use to be a clear all button. I suggest you delete all message threads, reboot, then report back.

    Don't even save the 4.
  16. DC1408, Jun 25, 2013
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    Attached are the screens shots showing all messages deleted, and evidence that the existing messages I had only took up 0.1GB, leaning towards the impression that my entire messaging history is saved and inaccessible for editing. I think! :D

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    Nope, not been paying attention at all. :rolleyes:
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    You are right. I guess you were bitten by the restore from backup.

    The backup must have the messages locked up. Without doing a full restore you could go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase all Content and settings.

    If you keep a backup you can always go back if its too drastic.
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    Before and after Messages were deleted. I restored my phone from the cloud after installing iOS 7 Beta 1.

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    Yep, it appears restoring from backup locks the messages into your phone. I wonder if a sync would help.
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    I thought this was an issue with IOS6. there are threads about pictures never being deleted even when imessage was. I don't think there was an easy way to see the size but I think this is left over and should get fixed.
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    When I deleted all mine it went down drastically. I restored from a Backup via computer on iOS 7b1 then upgraded to iOS 7b2


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    Actually deleting the conversations do work. Last night I was at 1.7gb and after I deleted a bunch I'm now down to 900mb.
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    It's the attachments that are taking up your storage.

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