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iOS 7 Settings "Leak?" (Probable fake)

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by chembox, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. chembox, Jun 8, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2013

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    Posted on Twitter yesterday, probably someone's concept photo, but looks pretty well done and Apple-like, either way nothing new except a widgets settings...

    Also no idea why the Do Not Disturb icon is purple, doesn't seem like something Apple would do.


    edit: As 'Peace' pointed out, there's no Wi-Fi icon, which makes this is most likely just a concept art.

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    I think it looks awesome! Not a big fan of changing the UI (I like it how it is now) but that actually looks great! I wouldn't be surprised to know that it's legit and not a concept, it looks very polished and apple-like.
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    Looks okay, but isn't the "on/off" still skeuomorphic sorta?
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    Hmm not sure what that "Edit" button is doing on the top right corner...but other than that it seems genuine.
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    Jessica Lares

    Where's the "No Service" at the top left?
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    Probably another design concept?
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    fake, fake and fake.
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    Looks the same just with different colours??
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    Drunken Master

    Rearrange the settings tabs.
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    Here, bit fuzzy though.

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    Not really, its one of Apple's only toggles, its kinda necessary.
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    Cpt. Gilgamesh

    Intéressent, but probably fake. However, I wouldn't understand why dove icons would have color and some others not. Seems weird. Interesting main color scheme.
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    Seems cool, but doubt it's real. I highly doubt Apple would change the colour of Do not Disturb from Blue to Purple.
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    by the way, it's intéressant with an a ;)
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    It shows a WiFi network connected but no WiFi signal icon.

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    Looks like the network name doesn't appear anymore in iOS 7, remember the last leak?


    Good eye.

    I found a higher quality version of the photo.

    I translated the tweet: "iOS 7 UI leaked, to date, the potential of the concept of the best looking high. At the bottom of Widgets (Widget) also it is. estimated at Apple headquarters probably testroop1 WLAN. Vote on the UI comes as"

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    Why wouldn't it appear? It has since 2007

    And why would some asian guy have iOS 7 leaks? Doesn't make sense at all
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    Apple isn't going that flat. Their will still be gradients.
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    Considering there are sooooo many concepts out there I call fake on this one.
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    It's so... gray! Don't like it!
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    Actually (even is this is probably fake), having some icons color coded and some being gray make a lot of sense from a design perspective. It's a good way of putting the focus on the settings that somebody may use on a regular basis and not putting it on settings that are unlikely to be used often.

    For example, in regular "use" it's normal to look for Wifi settings, bluetooth, airplane mode switch, do not disturb. On the other hand, settings like carriers, notifications settings, vpn, etc. aren't supposed to be used very often.
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    If you look it appears that the colorless ones are off. Which is a nice visual, however I still call concept or jailbreak theme due to one thing. Two schemes at play.

    One thing I think Jony will definitely do is get everything on one system as much as possible. No more of this 'in this app you do, but in this app you do something different' like how it is all over the native apps. Or even between iPhone and iPad version. So a toggle for VPN but the rest are a tap to a set up screen not likely (double since that would change how it is now with little reason for the change). Either they will all go to a toggle and when it is on you tap for settings or they will all go select and get to a sub screen for all. Of the two I like the notion of a toggle and tap to refine myself
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    It's very easy to fake this, and also to fake the blurry home screen pic we've seen before. All you have to do is make the mockup, send the picture to the phone, and then open the picture. People seem to think because it's actually on the phone that it has a better chance of being real.
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    Ok so the original tweet is in Chinese. The fact that the tweet uses the word "concept" makes me think fake. How would some random Chinese person have access to a phone with iOS 7 beta on it? :confused:


    And you know this how?

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