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iOS 7 - The Simple Fix

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by WhySoSerious, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I’m not able to do this, but if someone else can, give it a go….

    - I believe all the icons should have a frost transparency square with the logo on it in color, centered
    - There is NO need for a Camera, Calculator, Weather, Clock app….they are redundant. All you have to do is visit Command Center and there they are…why have apps for these?

    Just these 2 simple changes would alter the look and feel of iOS 7 to make it visually more soothing to look at, more uniform to match the frost color of Notifications & Command Center, and eliminate redundancy in apps that should be deleted entirely since they are already in C.Center.
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    I assume you're talking about the Control Center.
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    +1 I think this is a fantastic idea (the icons)! Someone who is a developer echo this to apple!!
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    I agree. The FaceTime app also seem redundant. Just put those apps in a folder for apps youll never use.
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    Total agreement about the transparent icons.

    I liked the redesign of ios, tasteful, simple, enough reality that things aren't alien, but not realistic that leather stitching starts to appear. Things are transparent, so it's almost a blank canvas, your wallpaper sets the mood and tone for the OS.....then suddenly you call up Siri, a layer of frosted glass appears and the app icons get in the way, tuening everything into psychedelic polkadots!

    Compare that to launch pad in OS X! In launch pad, same principle, your wallpaper, blurred. The difference is, in launch pad it doesn't include and blur all of your desktop icons.

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