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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by SamGabbay, Jun 11, 2013.


Which iOS UI Do You Like Better

  1. iOS 6.0

    72 vote(s)
  2. iOS 7.0

    235 vote(s)
  1. SamGabbay, Jun 11, 2013
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    Which iOS User Interface do you like better...

    Let's settle this once and for all.
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    I like the added features of iOS 7. I'll have to grow to love the UI.
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    iOS 6 looks way better, but the functions in iOS 7 are better w/o a doubt.

    I've just reverted back to iOS 6.1.4 until Beta 2 arrives, things aren't very stable and getting overheating & batt drains.
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    Sadly, I have to agree.
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    Exactly, I've done the same thing! But my gf wants to try it out so im going ios 7 again haha
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    You should have put a neither option, but due to the really good added features as said earlier by someone else ill have to get used to the UI.
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    I am downloading the iOS 7 Beta to try it out on my iPhone 4 so until then I am withholding judgement. Will vote and chime in later.
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    The added features are great. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the UI at all. It's just too simple, dull and mono tone. It's like they've made it so simplistic that usability and affordance has been compromised.

    It looks far too similar to Google and its lost it's 'Appleness', which made iOS unique and just so easy to grasp compared to Android. It doesn't reflect Apple's style at all. I think older people are going to have trouble with it especially. I was expecting a lot better from Jonny Ives.
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    How official is this official poll?
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    Makes iOS6 look like ass.

    Can't wait till september.
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    Crap poll and definitely not in any way official. It doesn't take into account that people might like the new features and the way actual apps look but hate the main screen icon design - which is downright amateurish to be honest.
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    iOS 7 looks great, and more importantly, is a forward huge step for Apple. And like Ive said, it's very much a "starting point" for things to come in the future.

    Expect to see refinements down the road.

    Can't wait for fall 2013.
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    Seriously! I tried it out (Beta 1) and I love it! I actually got passed the icons...didnt notice them. I was too focused on the new UI lol. It was very painful coming back to iOS 6 til another Beta comes.
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    I've read a lot, iv'e see a lot of screens and definitely i prefer iOS6. iOS6 has a unified style, a more solid style all over the system. There are apps in iOS7 that seems that are not from the same OS. The new icons are ugly, and colors too. iOS7 is plain but with transparency.. it's a weird combination. I'm very disappointed :(. I miss you Scott!
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    iOS 7 by far! It's exactly what I was hoping Apple would do with the OS.
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    Dude! I feel your pain!
    I actually still refrain from downgrading even though my battery is taking a hit.

    Now I hate to go back to ios6 too.. I am still meditating... should I??? :)
    I really hate these iOS 7 icons but everything else is fine - sluggish animations sometimes and apps crashing aside...

    Still thinking what to do....
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    Pretty official
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    Not until the GM build!
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    The only thing I'm not crazy about is the new icons.

    Rest of UI look - great
    All UI function - great
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    What this forum needs are more iOS 7 threads and more iOS 7 Polls.
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    Love my new iPhone 6 with iOS 7. It feels like it. Def new UI
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    If i am allowed to nitpick, its basically the same UI (where as the iOS7 version is an extended subset of iOS6 versions UI), but the UX (User exprience) is vastly different. :p
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    I would downgrade lol even though iOS 7 is sexy and all but remember. Its still a beta its not stable as iOS 6.1.
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    I have said this again and again. But the user exp i think depends on the color of the phone. If you have it setup like the white iphone showed off in the conference. You don't mind the UI or the icons etc as much. The black phones, you have to play with the background and so forth to tone down the OS. But it blends perfect with the white iphone. So the answer to this poll i think also depends on whether the user is using the white or black phone.
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    I agree 100%

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