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iOS Legal Question -- For Developers

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by techy298, Jun 7, 2011.

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    What is the legal agreement involving you and iOS 5?

    Are you allowed to put it on other devices?

    How does this work?

    Could a friend of mine give my device iOS 5 for testing because he can't as he has a second generation?
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    yes...and dont listen to the straightedges here that'll try to deter you from loading iOS5 on your device if you dont own a developer account..its not a big deal..just know iOS5 is in its beta stage, and so if anything goes wrong, you'll have little support..and you may not be able to revert to older firmware (with ease at least)
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    So it is legal for them to do this? I know its possible, just is it legal?
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    as long as your UDID is registered to a developers account, its fine..apple will not take legal action against you, cops will not come knocking on your door about it
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    If you are an official member of his development team, then yes, you could install iOS 5 on your iPod legally. Technically, anything not publicly debuted by Apple is still "Apple Confidential Information," and shouldn't even be discussed with other registered developers. The only exception is when they are members of the same development team.
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    So, to go over it, say I was an official bug tester etc. (forget about the official part, I understand)

    What would I need to register to his account, would that change my registration?

    Would he just add my device to his list, and then I could do it? and last thing, would I be able to use iCloud with my account, or would it not let me....just curious
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    last question for now:

    What about iTunes, would I need to update that?
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    The developer agreement doesn't spell out these situations exactly, and I'm assuming there is some documentation somewhere that better explains it. I'm sure abiding by the developer agreement has a lot to do with intent.

    All you need to do is provide him with your device UDID, and he can register it in the provisioning portal. iCloud is not fully functional, but when it is, your device will operate normally and won't be tied to his account in an abnormal way. It'll still operate as it did before.

    To install iOS 5, you need to download and install the iTunes 10.5 beta.

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