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iOS5 GM to Full Release

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by 7.29.80, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Does anyone know if Golden Master will update OTA or will it have to be a sync?
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    Probably none of the above. 99% of the time GM is the release version.
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    In all likelihood the GM and public release will be the same exact build. I've been using the GM on my phone since last week and on my iPad since this weekend and I haven't found any bugs that would have caused Apple to release a different build.
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    Chad H

    Has anyone had a problem with iCloud/MobileMe email being pushed? Mine hasn't been working this morning. I have reset the phone and turned mail off and then back on. Still no go. :confused:
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    I've found one. The App Store occasionally crashes upon launch. But if you re-launch it, it always works the second time.
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    Since this will be a full version upgrade, it will most likely NOT be OTA due to its size.
    Plus there are other mitigating circumstances, such as creating a back up of your iPhone before the upgrade, etc.

    Logic says that updates to something like 5.1 and the like should be OTA. But most likely not a full blown OS upgrade to a new version.

    Could be wrong though
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    I will just have to check the build number on the full release to make sure then, or would they still give them two different build numbers?
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    What about us stupid people who updated to the "GM" 5.0 version and cant use our phones coz its not developer-account blablabla stuff? :p

    i just "update" or "restore" my phone when 5.0 is officially out ?
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    Most likely.
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    I don't understand, I updated to GM 5.0 and don't have a developer account and everything works fine.
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    The only bug I've noticed on my iPad is the inability to write reviews in the app store. Clicking the link just takes me back to the app page over and over. That's all I've found. I don't see it being different.
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    I don't have the camera button on my lock screen, not sure if it is a bug or a setting I am missing.
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    iOS 5 GM is not "locked in" to the developer account like the beta's where.
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    just test the app review on my ipad 2 with ios 5 gm...it still work...
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    Chupa Chupa

    You will have to do a restore when the release version "ships" or wait until the first iOS update.
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    Double click the home button on the lock screen. As if you were trying to quickplay your iPod on it.
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    if any one bothered to look at the settings images of the iPhone 4s received in Germany you will notice it is the same build as IOS 5 GM
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    Thanks for that info, but it isn't a matter of being bothered to look, it is a matter of not knowing they are there to be seen.
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    Google is your friend...
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    Ha! not to derail my own post but Google is not my friend, refuse to use it. DuckDuckGo is my friend.
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    Whenever I try to check for an update I get an error "Unable to Check for Update"

    Is this what happens for everyone on iOS 5 as well as the GM?

    I'm on the GM so obviously there's no update for me, but shouldn't it at least check and say something to the affect of "No Update Available"?
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    You are checking the OTA? OTA is for small updates, this would have been too big.

    Also, it has been confirmed that the build number released today is the same as GM so you are current if you have GM
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    If I do a check for update via phone, I get an error.
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    Same here. :-/
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    The GM and today's release are the same thing. So checking for an update isn't going to get you anywhere, because there is no update.

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