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iOS7 b2 Touch stopped working

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by jimsowden, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Installed the update to the beta this morning, everything seemed fine (slightly improved performance, etc). Noticed the battery training rapidly this evening, restarted and closed all apps. On the restart, home screen loads normally, but doesn't recognize any touch input. Can't swipe power bar either. Had to DFU to get it work.
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    Same thing just happened to me. Hope it isn't a constant problem.
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    Same thing happened here. What did you DFU restore to?
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    Just had the same problem here... iPhone 4S
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    same thing happened to me when my iphone 5 got bellow 20%, as well as a friend of mines iphone 5. it continued to work after i plugged it in to charge and got back up to 21% battery life
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    Same here, when charged back up it works fine! What a strange bug...
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    Same issue here.

    I've just started a reload.

    Maybe it's a battery thing - mine was under 10% when it happened. Come to think of it, all the issues popped up with the low battery warning.
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    My iPhone 5's (White 16GB AT&T) battery went pretty low yesterday if I recall correctly, and I didn't have this issue :confused:
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    Re-upgraded - issue fixed.
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    Fixed until the next low battery?
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    Battery is still low but more than 10% now as it charged during the process.

    If it happens again during a low battery I'll charge it and see what happens.
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    Same, my battery had just dipped below 20%. The usage had become abnormal though, nothing was running, only on 4G and the phone was hot for hours. Downgraded to 6.1.4, maybe will try it again.
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    Same issue happened to me. Springboard relaunched after crashing in multitasking. Complete lack of touch input, even after reboot. However, I managed to fix it without reinstall: from the lock screen, use Siri to launch an app, and everything should return back to normal
  14. tax
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    Same here. Happened to me on an S4 at the battery-level of around 7% ...
    - saw the battery-warning
    - then mail crashed
    - after i relaunched mail, it greeted with the "what type of account"-screen (wtf?)
    - then phone rebooted and touchscreen went dead
    recharging brought it back ... lets see how often that will happen
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    Same here. Had to restart springboard. Had me freaked out for a minute. beta 1 doesn't have this problem.
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    Anyone have and info on whether B3 fixes this issue?

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