iOS7 Messages Storage Glitch?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Maskusee, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I went into iPhone settings -> General -> Usage.

    Then waited till storage loaded up and it shows Messages and it shows 5.7 GB saved?

    Anyone have any clue what this is??

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    Must be a glitch, restart your device
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    I don't think it's glitch.

    I'm guessing you have a lot of texts... and it will also include any images, videos, audio sent by MMS as well.
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    Did a hard reboot, and deleted all my messages (MMS, SMS), still shows 5.7 Gigs under storage.
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    - Make a backup in iTunes
    - open iBackupBot
    - go to the relevant backup
    - hit Other Multimedia Files (you might have to click on the tab afterwards, in case it goes straight to camera roll instead)
    - sort by filename by clicking the Filename tab
    - go to MediaDomain/Library/SMS/Attachments and highlight all of them.

    Now you can delete them all by right-clicking and choosing delete (you might want to export them first, up to you), close iBackupBot and restore to backup in iTunes.

    Tadaa! Space recovered, texts/SMS/messages (whatever you call them) still there!
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    What worked for me was to reinstall iOS 7 and restore from a recent icloud backup. My message data went down to 5 mb, which represented the text messages I actually have on my phone.
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    Thank you guys for you responses.

    I must have gotten lucky. Wiped the phone clean, and did a restore from a back up (pre iOS7), then did a reinstall of iOS7.

    Now shows 57 mb under Messages.


    Thank You !!!!
    This worked for me.

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