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iOS7 on iPad3 performance

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by atteligibility, Aug 16, 2013.

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    I need to know, do you guys with iPad 3 also have terrible performance with iOS7?
    The keyboard is almost unusable if you type more than 2 words a minute. When I type address in safari, it takes a few seconds for the keyboard to follow what I type, sometimes get frozen for a long time if typing too fast.
    I wasn't too worried with this problem on beta 1, but now that we're close to the final release, I start wondering if that's just me and I need a fresh install, or if all of us with iPad 3 have the same issue?

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    I haven't had those issues but for some reason when I use a gesture to minimize an app the whole screen simply becomes the wallpaper and I have no access to anything on the ipad. I have to reboot for it to go back to normal.
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    Still runing beta 4... Performance is acceptable not not excellent... English keyboard does not lag...Chinese keyboard lags from time to time... If iPad 3 does not get blur effect and translucency ... I am keeping iOS 6 on iPad 3
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    Looks like it won't get the blur effect but I never had any lag on any keyboard :)
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    They seem to think for whatever reason, that it is acceptable for a major (and recent) product to not support GUI elements of which an entire OS theme revolves around.

    I will reserve full judgement until the final release, but if they choose to give the iPhone 4S and iPad mini full support for iOS 7 (both of which have inferior hardware) but drop support for some features/GUI elements on the relatively new iPad 3, myself and a lot of people will not be happy.

    It truly is mystifying that the iPhone 4S gets the blur effect, while a much newer and more powerful device is left out in the cold. Bizarre. Hopefully the GM will restore the effect.
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    Haven't been impressed with any of the betas but I'm using an iPad 4. While beta's 4 and 5 were a lot more polished, fluid and smooth, still numerous bugs exist, not to mention the usual app incompatibility.
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    I am running an iPad 2 which has the EXACT same hardware like iPad mini and I think iPhone 4S and it won't get blurs on beta 5/6 either. This is not fair because there is no difference between iPad 2 and mini regarding system power. Now running beta 4, enjoying blur effects and seeing no lag. Hope this is just to stabilize beta OR messing around with settings and beta 7 will fix it next week. :)
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    Dropping some GUI effects for the iPad 2 makes sense at this point in time, because it is fairly old now. The iPad 3 however, is much newer and as such should not lose features at the same time as older hardware
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    I had the same problem with my ipad 3, it took me 5 minutes to type my password. the solution is to restore to beta 6 or 5 and not to update, especially if you update when you are on ios 6.1.3. I tried once beta 4, I restored clean to 6.1.3 and than update to ios 7 beta 4 and it was really smooth and almost everything was perfect except for the animation where you rotate the screen and the multitasking gestures. Except for those 2 things, ios 7 was actually smoother than ios 6.
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    You are wrong:
    • The iPad 2 shares the EXACT same hardware like iPad mini so it is not outdated from that perspective. There are fairly new A5 devices on Apples market.
    • There is no lag in animation when iPad 2 handles blur effect (because I am running those on beta 4).
    • The iPad 3 was often said to be very unstable because it's slightly better graphics (the processor is, again, the same like iPad 2: A5 with the X for better graphics) are not able to handle four times the resolution (retina display).
    • Comparing the graphics of a non-retina device with dual-core graphics and a device with FOUR times the graphics and TWO times the graphics power, iPad 2 and 3 are about the same when it comes to performance.
    • Following your statement about the iPad 2's age, Apple should've taken away those effects as well on the mini, because it's "fairly old now", just 6 months newer than your "much newer" device...
    • I don't like people saying 'I have a good device, you don't, stop complaining and accept it'...
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    Or switch to Android...like people keep saying...
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    Not really that surprising. The A5X chip was poorly designed. It's only benefit was to push the high pixel count of the display with little room to spare for anything else. The A5 chip can still handle the complex graphics since its not pushing nearly as many pixels as the iPad 3. Does it suck? Yes. But even developers had a hell of a time having retina graphics keep a solid frame rate. That's a huge reason why the iPad 4 came out so quickly. Anyone claiming it was just about the lightning connector is wrong.
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    ok, thanks! just did a fresh restore with the ipsw and seems to be much more responsive right now, we'll see if that lasts..
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    And that's exactly why I disliked Blue Sun's post. There is no reason to disable the more or less complex blurs on iPad 2 because it is fairly up to date regarding processing power. And it's head to head with iPad mini.
    Still, I am not as egoistic as him and I hope for all iPad 3 users that Apple finds a good solution for them AS WELL as for us iPad 2 users... I remember race game developers complaining but I don't think iOS 7 is like a race game for iPad 3 so I hope we all can get a nice solution. Some even think the effects would run on iPhone 4. ;)
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    I'm hardly egotistical. The iPad 3 should get more features than the iPad 2. It is far newer, simple as that. Think about it. Features shouldn't be dropped simultaneously. The iPad 2 is a year older and has half the RAM as the iPad 3.

    Obviously I don't want the owners of iPad 2 to miss out either, I would prefer it if they too got everything iOS 7 has to offer, but I don't think it is acceptable for Apple to drop support for both devices at the same time, especially when one is considerably newer.

    Surely you understand where I am coming from?
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    I'm quite sure the iPad 3 won't be dropped for a while since it was one of the first iOS devices to have 1 GB of RAM. The main reason for lag problems on the iPod Touch 4G was the low amount of memory included (256 MB vs 512 MB on the iPhone 4).
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    My suspicion is that Apple is focusing the majority of it's efforts getting iOS 7 ready for the iPhone 5s, given it's pending release. iPads will be given more attention once they've accomplished that goal.
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    That seems logical, hopefully you are right.
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    Speaking of iOS 7 on iPad, can somebody post a screenshot of the swipe to unlock with a numbered password?
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    Not sure if this is what you asking for, but none the less. This is iPad 3 with Beta 4 before Apple removed all the blur effect
  21. TrenttonY, Aug 17, 2013
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    Yes that is what I was asking. Thanks!

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