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IP sending program

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by AlphaWolf, Mar 15, 2009.

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    I'm trying to host a ventrilo server on my mac, but my IP keeps changing every time I restart my mac, is there a way to send my IP to a web server, as a .TXT file or into a MySQL datrabse, so that my friends can get to the IP, without asking me, a MySQL would be better, as I could have a "Press to join" button, which would connect using the database info, but thats a diffeerent topic ^^
    Hope this isn't to much
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    You might want to look at DynDNS
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    Thanks, but I'm not sure what I do, do I choose my IP, and my IP will still change right, so the DNS will take them to the old IP, also, I set one up, and when you enter in in a browser, it takes me, but hopefully not others, to my router config, any help?
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    Forward the port ventrilo uses, on your router/firewall to the Mac hosting Ventrilo, then give your friends the address like-so: myventserver.dyndns.org:3784. That way when they enter the url in ventrilo it will connect to the ventrilo server on your Mac.

    To stop people accessing your router configuration page, either turn off remote administration on the router or set it to a non-default port number.

    Edit: not sure if you've done this yet, but download the dyndns client, then whenever your machine is on dyndns will be updated with your ip address so when it changes it'll still point to your machine. Alternatively if you have a Netgear router, have a look at the Dynamic DNS section on the configuration page. Give it the details you signed up with at dyndns and you won't need to download and install the client :)

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