iPad 2 launch Houston, Tx

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by rodolfo52, Mar 7, 2011.

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    hello, if you are in Houston at what time you will be at the apple store and at which apple store will you be at?
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    Houston TX ATT store

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    you wont be going to an apple store?
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    hey rodolfo, looks like you are pretty pumped for this. Anyway, i was thinking best buy galleria. Anyone have any info on them? I do have 15 bucks in certs, so i would like to use it anyway. Plus their return policy is better than apple 14day, and probably get 10 bucks back off 500. Anyway, i might be apple galleria if it doesn't pan out at best buy. I might call best buy later today, but i hate to be that 1000th caller haha.
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    yeah well best buy will not be getting as many ipads as the apple store, but if you would be going to the gallriea what time would you go it also depends the time you go
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    probably go around noon. ANything else just seems not worth it haha. But good luck to you, I know you'll get one.

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