iPad 3 insurance! Worth Ave Group vs Squaretrade

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by oicaptain, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Decisions, decisions...


    They cover forcible theft, whereas Square Trade does not. They cover everything but non-accidental problems (ie: AppleCare). $50 deductible.

    They offer up to 3 years of coverage. Prices vary upon iPad 3 model. Plus they have a 15% off coupon as seen on retailmenot.com

    SquareTrade and WAG both cover Jailbroken devices, whereas Applecare does not.

    SquareTrade is on sale today for $89 (ANY iPad 3 model) with a 10% off coupon @ retailmenot.com. They only cover for 2 years. $50 deductible. Would not know if they cover non-accidental problems.

    Which one would you go with if you had to pick?
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    I think WAG is a much better deal
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    Is this legit and real? I just got apple care+ but this seems like a much better option for me. It covers internationally right?
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    Yeah it's real. Yup, international coverage. Might want to read the policy in detail before jumping on the bandwagon because I've read people complain about how WAG didn't cover theft - and it turns out the user had their device in an unlocked car. So they didn't cover negligence or anything like that. Where I live right now a high crime rate area so it'll be worth it.

    I never needed insurance on my iPad 1 that's why I'm iffy about whether to spend $132 (32gb wifi only) on WAG insurance (15% off) for a 3 year coverage.

    I already spent nearly 800 dollars on accessories and the device itself, maybe I'll wait a few months.


    Same. I just spent so much this week and last week in preparation for this event.
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    Yeah I did a google search up on WAG and I read about that theft not being covered complaint. I think I'll contact them and ask for more details. I'm thinking of only having my ipad for a year before I sell it off and maybe get a new one so having a 1 year insurance option is a major plus for me.

    Thanks a lot for this!
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    anytime :)
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    I'll add my two cents to the mix. I went ahead and got two years of coverage with Worth Avenue and am quite pleased. Luckily I haven't had to use it, but I was very happy with the process of purchasing and everyone I spoke with along with the paperwork and online website interface. I feel quite confident that if anything were to happen I would be treated well and fairly with them. As always, your mileage may very.
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    I'm torn between WAG and ST as well.

    ST is 89$ for my 2year after discounts, WAG is 63$. The theft protection and lower price is really appealing, but having never heard of the company until today and already having ST warranty on a laptop I own, it's tough for me to pull the trigger.
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    the WAG seems great for the deal
    where is the ST code?
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    I was a little nervous going with WAG as well given that, like you, I had never heard anything about them. But I believe somewhere on the website there is an about us link or something that explains who they are and how long they have been in business and after clicking and reading that it communities. Not sure if you saw or read that but wanted to point it out as it really helped me feel more comfortable making a final decision.
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    Square trade will cover 3 years for 119.00 minus any discount codes for the Ipad 3. Also, if you want you can cancel coverage and get pro-rated refund back for the portion of the warranty which you have used so far (100% at 30days or less). Plus its transferable upon sale of the Ipad, which can increase your Ipad's resale value.

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