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iPad and Keyboard Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Evmanw, Apr 6, 2011.

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    I just dropped my apple wireless keyboard and busted a key. I was wondering if there was a good case for the wireless keyboard?

    Or, if there is an integrated case for my existing apple wireless keyboard and iPad. I have seen the incase travel kit Plus but I was wondering if this case is huge if I am just using it for an iPad or just for a keyboard and iPad.:confused:
    Anybody heard anything about it?

    Here is the incase travel Plus case

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    basically, does anybody know anything about the incase travel kit Plus?:confused::confused:
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    I have one but have not used it for travel, yet. It holds the iPad in a thin outer pocket, and has a dedicated inner pocket for an Apple wireless keyboard. Additional inner pockets will hold chargers and cables. Good construction and will work great in a messenger bag.
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    Incase also makes the origami workstation for ipad, an ipad (v1 or v2) stand that also holds the Apple BT KB.
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    is the case really thick for just the iPAd and a keyboard?
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    It's about 2 inches thick, and about a third of that is for the iPad sleeve. The main part of the case is for the keyboard on one half of the 'clamshell', and pouches for chargers/cables/junk, and the display stand that Incase includes.

    I don't plan to use it around the house, only when I want to take my keyboard and CCK with me (i.e. travel). It's a laptop bag for an iPad, not just a case or sleeve.
  7. pvmacguy, Apr 7, 2011
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    I have the travel kit plus as well, however I haven't really traveled with it yet

    I've used it around town it has a good thickness/sturdiness to it and keeps the iPad safe and keyboard safe as well. Another good part is the iPad sleeve was built for iPad 1 so ipad2 plus s,art cover fits perfectly.

    I cant wait to try this out when I go on a real trip and I know it will work perfectly. You can also fit headphones other cords etc

    I'd definitely recommend it!
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    never heard of it
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    Thank you! I will mostly use it for school, so I think it will work for me.

    Thank you! I already have the smart cover, so I am looking for more of a bag.
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    Great stuff
    Low cost
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    Yeah but actually, the water field wallet is $20 more than the Travel kit plus. And, it is currently sold out! ;)
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    I've got the Origami case

    And i really like it.
    The angle it hold the iPad at is perfect.
    Of course, it only holds the BT keyboard, so it's not practical if you want to carry it and your iPad wthout a bag of some kind.
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    WaterField iPad Wallet

    I ordered an iPad Wallet from WaterField Designs Tuesday evening about 9pm and it shipped the next day! Underpromise and over deliver! Finally a vendor who gets it.

    I looked at all the options in this thread before making my choice, which was based on quality, style, function, and cost. That is, the value from WF, as I perceived it, was worth the extra $20.
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    check out maroo, they have an apple wireless keyboard case, click here!
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    Received it today. Looks and works great. I will be using it trips when I need to take my apple BT keyboard along with the iPad.
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    What I do is I keep the origami case in my car. That way, I've got it handy nearby if I need it, and don't have to lug it around all the time.
  18. ee2
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    Case for iPad and Logitech Keyboard/

    After a lot of research and testing both the Apple and Logitech wireless keyboards, I opted for Logitech's product, knowing that it was a tad bit longer than the Apple version.

    I purchased an Incase Travel Kit Plus - and anticipated receiving it to pack up my ipad, keyboard and charging kit for safe transport - only to find the keyboard pouch is made specifically for the Apple, and the Logitech the keyboard is a little under 1" too long to comfortably zip the case in general.

    I know that I'm not the only person to have this situation - and was wondering what people found to be a successful and satisfying solution? I was thinking of trying a netbook case, but was wondering if there were any that had pockets that were long enough to accomodate the Logitech keyboard?

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    You might try the "Freestyle" Messenger bag from Timbuk2. It accommodates my Microsoft 6000 Portable Bluetooth keyboard which is also about an inch wider than the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Timbuk2 sells both custom designed and standard bags. If you're willing to pay for it, I suspect they'll put a sleeve in one of their bags that will accommodate your keyboard.

    Other possible solutions are available from Tom Bihn. Drop them a line and I'm sure they'll respond if they have something that will meet your needs.


    Just a word of qualification. The Waterfield Designs "iPad Wallet" (with a dedicated sleeve for the Apple keyboard) will not accommodate the Incase Origami Workstation case for the keyboard. However, the "Travel Express" case (which is almost the same size) will hold the iPad and the OW case with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It's a tight fit but it works.

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