iPad Cover Lock/Unlock feature missing?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by baummer, Mar 28, 2011.

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    According to Apple's iPad 2 OS 4.3 manual I got from iBooks, it says that you can activate the iPad Cover Lock/Unlock by accessing Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock (page 342). I don't see this option on my 16GB WiFi only iPad 2. Am I missing something?
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    Mar 14, 2011
    The option only shows up once you've actually put a Smart Cover on your iPad, which it doesn't look like you have.
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    Strange. I have a case that advertises this feature, but it isn't working. Guess the case manufacturer lied - although others with this case have reported it works. Must be a defect with my particular case. Thanks!
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    Cover lock gotcha

    I tried the iPad cover and decided against it. Later, I discovered my iPad2 was eating batteries because it wasn't turning off when the top button was pushed. Was about to take it to Apple when I discovered the cover lock function was still turned on. Turning it off resets the top button function.

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    That's false.

    EDIT: I may be wrong about this. My iPad 2 is in Developer mode so that may have enabled it.
    The setting should be there. Did you by chance have an iPad 1? Maybe restoring from backup removed the option from settings. That's my only idea.
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    I had my iPad2 for a week before buying a red leather smart cover... I can confirm that the setting never showed up until I attached the smart cover to the iPad2. :apple:
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    I wonder if you can stick magnets to it in order to turn that feature on?
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    Nov 2, 2007
    The setting doesn't appear until there's contact with a cover. However maybe a magnet can do the same thing? Mine appeared after contact with a cover at a store.
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    I would never have known the option wouldn't come up until a Smart Cover has once been used on it. When I got my iPad 2, I immediately tried on the SmartCover before turning on the iPad 2.
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    Hope people don't mind me reviving this old post....

    Is it safe to assume in order to get the "Smart Cover Unlock/Lock" switch under the "General" setting, you have to at least attach an Apple Smart Cover?

    I have it missing in both of my new iPad (3) devices. One is straight out of the box and the other one had the backup of a previous iPad 1 restored.

    In a local store today, I find the button is there for the new iPads.

    However, if I attach a 3rd party cover which supports Automatic Sleep On/Off feature, it works though. What is bothering me is there is no way to turn it off. (assume even a 3rd cover can be disabled with that "Smart Cover Unlock/Lock" button)
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    It uses magic not magnets. Well same difference.

    Hah, I just got a cover yesterday and noticed that. Pretty cool for it to show up like that in any case.

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