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iPad keyboard dock problem: Screen randomly turning on

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jim.bright17, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Here's my problem, ill set my iPad on my keyboard dock at night and most of the time right before I manage to fall asleep the screen randomly turns on, fills the room with light, so i get up and take it off the dock. Has happened to me quite a few times, ive checked the connections to the wall making sure they are secure. Sometimes it will turn on even when the dock isnt plugged in. Hopefully someone can give me some tips on how to fix this. Thanks
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    Same here

    I also just purchased the iPad Keyboard Dock and the same thing has been happening to me. If I push the lock button on it, that will lock it but it wont' stay locked. Same story with the lock button on the iPad itself. No matter what I do the thing will not stay locked and unlit.

    Have you had any success in fixing the problem? Did you end up returning the dock or just dealing with it?
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    Still couldnt figure out the issue, decided to just undock it at night and dock it when I needed it
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    kind of off topic but how are you guys liking the dock/keyboard combo? I'm thinking of getting the seperate dock & Bluetooth keyboard myself so I'm not tied to the ipad so to speak

    any advantage of having the dock/keyboard attached besides say batteries?
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    To be honest I'd say Bluetooth keyboard would be better, I'm actually thinking about picking one up and just giving away my keyboard dock cause I don't use it too much anymore. There's also a really nice iPad stand I was looking at in best buy, Would be nice to have that and the Bluetooth keyboard setup

    Here's where you can check it out if you'd like

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Rocketf...44094938&skuId=1248271&st=iPad dock&cp=1&lp=8

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