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iPad mini iPad mini 5w charger

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nasa25, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Quick question - does anyone know if the charger included with the iPad mini is the exact same as the one that was included with the iPhone 5? Seems to be the exact same but I'm using my iphone charger to charge the mini and it took like 15 minutes to get from 80-86%. Seems slow.
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    yes same..spring for the 12w charger at $20 to do this right - I ordered two extra...
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    Has anyone verified that the mini will draw more than 5w? As I understand it the iPhone, mini, iPad, etc will only draw a certain maximum current regardless of how much current the charger can deliver.
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    Thanks for the tip. Didn't even know that was available for the mini
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    Might be a waste of money if the mini will not draw more then 5v.
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    Looks like the 5w is specifically for the iPhone and mini, 12w for ipad 3rd and 4th gen and 10w for iPad 2.
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    Product description says it will work with the mini and iPhone.
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    It will charge the device, but the iPhone and iPad mini will not draw more than 5w of power (the software won't allow it).

    So its rather pointless to buy 12w charger specifically for the iPad mini or iPhone 5.
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    If you got one use your regular iPad charger, it is much faster!


    You can use ANY apple charger.
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    Where does it say it won't take more than 5? I remember my 10w charging my 4S much faster than the regular one.
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    First sorry if I woke this thread up but I have to say it's all in your head. You can still use any Apple charger, regardless if it's 5W, 10W or 12W on any device but it will only draw the amount of wattage it needs. iPhone can only draw up to 5W at max, even if you use a 10W or a 12W.

    IGM (Insanely Great Mac) on youtube tested this out by using an equipment that reads how much W it draws. He plugged in the iphone 5 into a 12W and it only drew 5W.

    So there you go, charging your iphone on a 12 W will NOT damage your battery nor will it charge any faster, as it will only draw 5W. I'm pretty sure that's the same with iPad Mini, that it will only draw the power it needs.
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    Hello all.

    I have come to this thread to say that the person above is correct; there is a wattage limiter built in to IOS to save the devices from being damaged. Those who see a charger higher than 5W charging an iPhone faster are seeing a placebo effect because the device just plain doesn't allow any higher voltage.

    This has been vastly tested through-out many technology websites and I can confirm it first hand too. I'm not sure if the mini allows 5w or 10w but I'm guessing its 5w so don't waste your money.

    iPhones and mini = 5w max.
    Full sized iPads = 10-12w max.
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    How do you know whether the iPad Mini will or will not draw more than 5W? Obviously, a 12W charger that was released long after the iPad itself works with an iPad that came with a 10W charger and will charge it faster.

    Also I'm still pretty sure that my iPhone 4 used to charge faster with the iPad charger as well, and it also got hotter while charging.

    Nobody really knows to what number the power draw is exactly limited, except for the guys in Apples lab.
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    That is so unfair. They have all this fancy equipment and everything.

    If only an ordinary citizen could own a device, which could measure the current that an electronic device uses.
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    You mean like an ammeter?
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    No, I mean like sarcasm. :)
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    Was the mini display on. Because that can slow down charging regardless of the charger used since it will get up any incoming power. Same with push emails etc.
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    I haven't seen measurements outside of Apples lab. Feel free to take some of the iPad Mini, here's a heat gun.

    No, I'm not interested in the power draw on the USB cable.
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    My experience is: Turn on Airplane mode before charging. This seems to be more efficient because your device is not trying to download while charging. It is anecdotal but seems to charge faster
  20. thesalmonator, Mar 31, 2013
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    The 10w & 12w chargers WILL charge your iPad Mini faster, it will draw a full 10w / 12w from them unlike the iPhone that only pulls 5w no matter what charger you use. Apple must ship Mini's with the 5w charger either because they cost less to manufacture or to try and get you to buy the better one separately.

    On the Apple website and also on the packaging for the better chargers they list them as compatible with the Mini so there's no way they would do any damage.

    Proof thanks to wwwinsanelygreatmac here:

    So if fast charging is important to you and you don't mind coughing up the money for the 12w charger, I would go get one.

    I actually did this myself and now I just use the 5w charger that shipped with my Mini to charge my iPhone 4S, the USB cable on my 4S charger was getting a bit frayed at the ends anyway.

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