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Iphone 3GS Case (that covers entire phone)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Oczedd, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Hi I am looking for a case for my iphone 3GS but I need it to cover the iphone completely including the buttons and still be able to use them all i.e.

    Home button
    Power button
    Volume/silent buttons
    The screen
    The charging part

    Virtually everything and I want it to be sleek and not too bulky but still relatively cheap.

    Also it has to be easy to take off and on without getting dirt, which may be on the case, onto the phone itself.

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    Not many fully covered cases out there then... not an easy one but this is what I am come across so far but cant tell if there fully covered or not.

    Capsule neo

    Ivyskin ones

    iskin ones
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    To be honest, I can't think of any that cover every button (with the one exception of an OtterBox, but that ain't cheap)

    In fact, most 3G/3GS cases I've ever seen left curious for both the sleep/wake and volume buttons.
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    I think I've seen a few with the side buttons covered like this one... they do, do it

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    Otterbox Defender
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    Is there any where I can go and see loads of cases as it's hard to go through every single one on the Net. Or if anyone knows of a good site that shows or reviews loads of cases?
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    wow, what case is this?
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    iskin revo2
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    The switcheasy colors case has covers for all ports. If thats not enough protection than i would say put it in the original 3gs box and cut a tiny hole in it to hear the ringer :D
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