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iPhone 5 Failure to Send Text Messages Occur Often....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Black Magic, Oct 14, 2012.

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    So with the iPhone 5 on the Sprint network it seems that when I send text messages, I get the failure to send/retry message often. Anyone else seeing this on Sprint or any other networks?

    Here is a thread on Sprint where others are going through this as well.

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    I've had mine since launch day and only had it happen once, so far.
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    happens quite often with me as well. the texts are always sent though
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    What network are you on? Sprint? Also, the messages go through even though you see the failed/Retry message causing duplicate messages being sent.
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    Bump for the daytime crowd.
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    Yep, it happens often. Almost every time when I try to send a picture txt msg on Sprint.
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    Mine happens quite often when sending normal texts. Rather annoying.
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    In future responses, please include the network you are on (Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon) so we can determine if this is specific to one carrier or maybe an IOS issue.
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    Happens to me too, on Vodafone in UK - some texts and picture messages fail to send but others send with no problems, and its not network-specific either
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    my bad, I'm on Verizon.
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    Happens to me a lot on vzw
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    Is your network CDMA or GSM? Wondering if this issue is exclusive to CDMA networks.....
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    Vodafone is a GSM network, least that's what I'm led to believe. It's my understanding that only the GSM iPhone is available in the UK but I could be wrong on that
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    Ok cool. I wonder if any AT&T users are experiencing this?
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    With AT&T today in a buildings basement I was barelly getting 1 bar signal.
    Text message took a long time to send and was stuck filled up the bar about half way but eventually send out.
    I think it has to do with signal since I never seen it take that long before.
    Is your Sprint iphone on low signal when it fails sending texts or taking a long time?
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    No, it happens sometimes when I'm at home on WIFI. Strong signal from my Airport Extreme. Sometimes sitting right next to it.
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    Guess what?
    Text messages dont send through wifi, they use your carriers network only.
    So no matter what your wifi signal is if your carrier signal is low you might have that problem.
    Unless you're sending imessages then yes those go out via wifi. But not regural texts.
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    Hmm, you maybe on to something there. I don't think I have a very strong signal at my house which is usually where I see the issue. I'm gonna have to keep tabs on that signal bar now. Good feedback!
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    I have not had this issue but my boyfriend did and we are both on Sprint. He was getting the red picture that they didn't go through but everyone was getting them. It seems to have improved though.
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    Happens to me as well... AT&T. :mad:
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    Were you sending Text Messages or iMessages? Is the little bubble Blue or Green? If it's an iMessage you are trying to send, the bubble would be Blue, and that WOULD use your Wifi first, before defaulting to Cellular. If it's a Text Message, the bubble would be Green, and that would use your Cellular connection only, so if that was a weak signal, that could be your problem.
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    IMO the iPhone needs a feature where you can tell it to automatically resend failed messages. It's just a waste of my time having to go into the Messages App and tapping on the icon.
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    Text messages. Green Bubbles :)
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    Then that's likely your problem. You're probably just not getting a good signal in your house. I would keep an eye on it, like you suggested. if you see it doing it when you are away from your house, and with a strong signal, then there might be an issue.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you kind sir! I posted this over in the Sprint thread as well so hopefully we can get some closure on this. Hopefully others in this thread will keep an eye on their signal strength as well and provide input as needed.

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