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iPhone 5 + iOS 7 Beta not charging

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by marddin, Jun 13, 2013.

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    So I've updated to iOS 7 beta. Love it so far.

    I've noticed that my non-authentic lighting cables do not charge my iPhone 5 now. It says "Accessory is not supported, etc."

    Sad about it cause I bought a few to keep at work,car,home,room etc.

    Anyone else experiencing this as well?

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    Not with the lighting cable, but with the Apple adapters (both the small one and the longer one) even on real 30pin Apple cables I get those errors a lot. They work sometimes and other times they don't or they cut out after a while.
  3. TG1
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    Had the same issue with my genuine lightning cable right after installation of iOS 7. Would continually here the charging chime even though the cable was always connected to my phone. Sometimes the screen would show that my iPhone 5 wasn't charging at all. After starting over (setting up as new device), I haven't seen this happen again.
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    And that happened with a genuine cable, weird. I wonder if I should re-install the update
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    I haven't seen this yet with iOS7 but I did with a few iOS6 betas.
    When that happened I would reboot with the phone plugged in and during the reboot it would begin charging.
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    My iPhone 5 stopped charging when iOS is running. It just happened out of nowhere.

    If I plug it in and turn off the phone it will charge.

    I'm using an official apple lightning cable also
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    If I am not mistaken, there was an thread about this 2 weeks back. I don't think it is due to iOS7.
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    Wow, this is happening, even with an official cable? I only had this happen with a cheap knock off cable.

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    Strangely, I wasn't experiencing this until I loaded Beta 2 of iOS 7. Now I randomly get the following warning image from my cheap iPhone 5 dock.

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    Im having this problem with iOS7 GM and 3rd party lightning cables, these cables worked fine in iOS6 but now only 1 our of 3 will charge the phone. It's really going to suck if i have to shell out $30 for a new cable from apple. :mad:
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    Apple is cracking down on unauthorized accessory makers. So yes, this is by design.

    P.S. if this was in place earlier the lady in China wouldn't have been electrocuted to death by her non-Apple authorized charger.
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    You don't need one from Apple.

    You need one certified. MacRumors covered this long ago.

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    My lightning cable was the one that shipped with my iPhone 5. Since upgrading to GM, it's stopped happening for me! :D
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    No, I really doubt it.
    I've used 3rd party cables all through the beta process through to the GM and none have stopped working.
    They do generate the warning, so that part is by design, but none have stopped working. Have you checked to see that the cable didn't simply die?
    I have had that happen and it had nothing to do with iOS 7.
    They just died and wouldn't work anymore no matter which iOS I tried.
    I've also used 3rd party MFi-certified cables that work without generating the warning.

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