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Iphone App. + IIS database connection on web

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by hrithik123, Jul 7, 2010.

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    how can i connect Iphone App. with IIS hosting database with live website?
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    Through an exposed web service is usually the most commonly used method.

    Otherwise you need to find a C or Objective-C driver for whatever the database system the website is using, hope it will compile a static library for an ARM CPU and then link it in with your app and make the calls directly.

    Personally I prefer the web service method. JSON works great for transmission of data between the iPhone and the website.
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    can you give me any example?

    what i have to do is

    register user threw iphone and when user login threw iphone or website same data they will see

    can you give me the step
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    Just send some JSON data (or XML) as a POST method to some URL on the site that can handle it and then process said data in whatever language your website is written in.
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    sorry to ask you again...i am confused..

    can you give me any screen shot or some small tutorial ?

    is json or xml use in IIS server?

    or o i ave to us SQL?
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    You have to send the data from the iPhone, process it in whatever language the website is in (ASP.NET?) and then store it in the database.

    That potentially means you'll need to use three languages.

    JSON and XML are perfectly fine to use with any modern web framework.

    As for the rest you'll need to work it out. It is pretty straightforward though.
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    so i will able to data store using xcode to sql server with use of XML?

    am i right?
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    Let me make a suggestion. From your responses it appears you need to understand how webservices work. I suggest you take a look at how to do that. There are many languages that you can use, .NET, PHP, Ruby, etc.

    You have to expose data in XML or JSON, like others have said. Once you do that, your iPhone app can consume that data. From there, you can either just display it or save it to a data model in your app, see Core Data.

    There is nothing built into IIS to do this automatically. IIS is a web server. A person requests a page and that data is returned. It is up to you, the programmer, to set that up. There are many tutorials available. If your web site is running on IIS, then most likely Microsoft.net is installed. You can visit Microsofts web site and download Visual Studio Express and create your web application and expose your data.

    Start there and you will be able to accomplish what you are wanting to do.

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