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iPhone backup: what does it actually backup?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by daveishere, Jun 29, 2009.

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    I've searched these forums for the information i want but i didn't really find anything specific to what i'm asking.

    Basically what i wanna know is what the iPhone backup thing when you sync the iPhone with iTunes backs up?

    Does it make an exact image of your iPhone byte for byte?

    Does it backup your SMS messages and app-specific content (like SimCity saved games, for example)?

    any info would be appreciated!

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    I know it backs up SMS for sure. As for app specific, I think so, but I can't be sure...

    From my experience backing up my iPhone and then restoring from a back up usually makes a carbon-copy of the previous iPhone. I've never noticed any change.
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    I believe it backs up all of your info except for email, music and videos (which you can obviously get back by syncing with itunes). It will save all of your app info and data (saved games, favorites, etc.).
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    It backs up the following:

    SMS Messages
    All Application Settings
    Home Screen icon order
    Photos taken with the Camera
    Wallpaper image
    Calendar Events
    Phone Favorites
    Voicemail Messages

    It doesn't backup:
    Sync'd photos
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    so, when i inevitibly upgrade to my iphone sometime next year, if i want to port all my save games to my new iphone, i just start using it from a backup of my current iPhone?
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    Exacty. Make one last backup of your old phone and then when you connect your new phone, restore it from the backup you just made. Easy as can be - works great.
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    Correct. When I upgraded to the 3GS, all of my games were exactly as I left them in my 3G, even those that were in the middle of a level. :)
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    Yea ... I recently had to do a full restore on my phone, and was confused when my games were being all weird. I then realized I had lost all my save games :(.

    This was after getting a (couple) new phone(s) even, and my save games were fine since I restored from a back-up each time - so I pretty bummed when I did the restore without even thinking.
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    Backups contain the following:
    call logs, recent call list, call timers, voicemails
    saved app data (like saved games and app settings - however, this is partially up to the developer to implement)
    text message history
    notes (if not being synced with notes on your computer)
    weather cities
    camera roll photos (no other photos)
    app locations/placement (on 3.0 ONLY, saves what pages and locations you kept your apps)

    It does NOT backup:
    (Basically everything that you should have saved on your computer or mail service)
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    Aren't these stored on your carrier's servers?
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    I was not aware that it backed up voicemails. so, I suppose they take up space on our iPhone and that we have a limited amount of space for them?
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    I do not believe visual voicemails are part of your local backup.
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    Perhaps AiralynRose needs a link to where she got her info?
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    Wouldn't hurt!
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    I've asked this before, but just to clarify things, when I upgrade from my 3G to my new 3GS in a few days, all I have to do is to...
    1. backup my 3G
    2. pop out the sim card and put it in the new 3GS
    3. restore from backup

    is that correct??
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    I think either they are, or somehow they are flagged to be redownloaded. I also noticed when going from one phone to another that some of my Mail passwords were not kept and I had to re-enter them (and in my wifes case remove the account and re-add it).
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    What makes you think they're stored on your phone at all?
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    You got it. You can also use the SIM that comes with your 3GS if you want (I did). It probably doesn't matter but I just figured that it was better to have a new SIM instead of using one that's like a year old. Maybe they've improved them somehow (if that's even possible).
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    Yeah, I used the SIM that came with my new 3GS. Everything transfered beautifully.
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    No, VM stores saves a copy on the phone. That's why you don't have to wait for it to call your voicemail. Put you phone in airplane mode and then try to listen to a VM. Not sure if they are backup up but they should be.
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    Try listening to them with no service?
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    That's odd, cause when you do a fresh restore, not at all from a back-up, all your VMs are there ready to be listened to.

    The phone may store a local copy, but the server definitely stores a copy.
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    Yea, ok - I take that back. The iPhone seems to store a local copy. Just did a test with Airplane mode.

    But the server also definitely stores a copy
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    It does not save passwords for secure wifi networks.
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    Who said it did?

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