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iPhone case...question.

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by hatcher146, Jul 3, 2007.

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    im looking to buy a case for my iPhone. I do not want a case that goes around the iPhone and is attached to it. I would like one that you attach to your belt and simply slide your iPhone in, nothing clip on, more like a "pouch" to put my iPhone in. sorry if this isn't making any sense. any help? thanks!
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    Would this be the type of thing that you are looking for?
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    yeah, that looks good. it doesnt say its for the iPhone though, will it fit? Does it have a belt clip? thanks alot! it looks nice, and not too expensive :D

    EDIT-saw the belt clip
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    This is the case I am currently using, it is made of leather, with a soft cloth interior. The bottom is mesh so you can hear the weak ringer of the iphone. you push this mesh bottom up, and the iphone comes out the top. It also has soft sides, so you can adjust the volume in the case. the only drawback is the lil aluminum strip on the front, with belkin's logo hologramed on it


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