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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by tacoman667, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Anyone who has been approved for this program and paid or will pay the $99 fee, when did you apply?
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    I applied the evening of the 6th of March was "rejected" on the 14th of March and was finally approved on the 28th of March.
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    What does it mean when you never got either emails after signing up about the same time as you?
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    I don't know. My guess would be that your application didn't go through. To the best of my knowledge the "rejection" letter was pretty much sent out in a mass email. Most of the people that were among the first to got accepted received both emails one after the other. I would say try reapplying.
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    Check your email spam filter...
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    I just put "@apple.com" into my safe senders list but I have been recieving emails from the iPhone Development Team at Apple when I registerd as a web iPhone dev first, the upcomming WWDC08 and the one a few days ago about the Beta 2 version of the SDK. Still not a thing on my application to be a real iPhone dev. :(
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    Apple is still processing lots and lots of applications and just because you haven't gotten in yet doesn't mean your application is lost or rejected or anything...it just means you haven't gotten in yet. Reapplying under another Apple ID means they have MORE applications to process before they get to everyone.

    No one knows who they're excepting or why they choose certain people. Just wait, there's not much else you can do (legally).
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    That is understandable. The thing is I first "applied" on March 10 and never even recieved a rejection email. It is as if I never clicked apply...

    Has this happend to anyone else?

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