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iPhone Developer program

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by bkphat, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Anyone gotten lucky yet with getting accepted to the $99 program (the one that lets you put your app on an actual phone as opposed to just the simulator)? If anyone has, could you share what they might be looking for? Does anyone know anything about this?
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    i am still waiting for my e-mail for be in the developer program
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    The vast majority of people won't get in until the SDK is officially released.
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    Phil A.

    I believe membership of the iPhone Developer program is covered by NDA, so it's unlikely that many people who are on it will actually say they are
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    Hello, I'm French, and I've been accepted... as soon as the first week of May ! What I find even more strange, is that Apple didn't ask me the address of my website, nor anything. So, either they made a research with the name of my company, either they picked me at random :eek:

    P.S: I get an error when I try to access again the NDA that I've signed. But I really doubt that it's a problem if I just say that I've been accepted. So many companies have already declared that they'll release as soon as the AppStore is out ;)
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    I was also accepted. As far as I know the selection process is completely random. I don't think Apple knows anything about what I am developing. I got in in late March/early April.

    P.S. There is nothing wrong with saying you've been accepted, regardless of the NDA. This is a developer program, not the CIA.
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    Being in trouble with Apple is the last thing I want... Apple is my friend, I love Apple !
    Do you know how I can access the NDA again ?
    Am I allowed to tell what I'm developping ?
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    If you're in this program can you not test your app on your own iphone/itouch?
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    Just random luck I suppose for most part. I think the keynote said 200k developers downloaded the SDK, 25k wanted to pay to for the program but only small number of them were accepted. So just have to be patient. The SDK has the emulator so your not stuck.
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    I got the acceptance email about two weeks after I applied, and have been working on getting the hang of coding apps for the iPhone down ever since. You can test your programs on your own device, but they recommend using a device that you don't mind not working properly sometimes. I have an iPod Touch that I use for development purposes, and I haven't had any problems with it since it's been running the beta 2.0 firmware.
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    Well, since I'm developing a Game that uses OpenGL i couldn't really start till they released Beta 4 or 5. Around that time they included OpenGL support in the simulator. Since starting a little over a month ago, I'm now at the point where i need a actual device because of its multitouch capabilities to fine tune the controls. I've pretty much accepted that I'm not going to release July 11th. but I'm shooting to release shortly after.
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    I just got my acceptance email tonight, logged in and paid the $99 charge, and now the order status says "Electronically Delivered". I expected it to download the 2.0 beta firmware right there, did I miss something? Am I waiting for another email with a download link? Am I just too impatient to actually try stuff out on the real iPhone instead of the simulator?
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    Never mind. I'm just too impatient :)
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    I have been accepted as well, but I have too many other question in regards to putting a beta firmware on my phone.

    Will I be able to test the exchange mail stuff in with this?

    Will most of the other app work also (obviously except the AppStore), along with me putting my own apps on my phone to test?
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    Oh bummer! I was under the impression that the iPhone SDK alone would allow you to atleast Debug directly on an iPhone... I don't yet have one but am planning on getting the 3G coming out soon. I just wrote a small little utility that really only I would ever use - I don't feel like paying Apple $100 for the privilege of being able to send my program to my phone... That seems a little ridiculous... Hopefully after it is released and the dust settles, there will be a way for you to possibly sign your app in such a way that it can only be sent to the iPhone married to your computer.

    I guess I wish I knew this before spending some time writing this app in the first place (it's now done, just waiting to be put on the real thing). I think I would have been better off writing the application for a jailbroken phone.

    [edit] After doing some research, it looks like it might be feasible to transfer a program written in XCode, built for the iPhone to a jail broken phone. I guess I'll be jail breaking my 2.0 phone (assuming the brilliant minds who brought the original jail breaks can continue with the 2.0 firmware)
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    I'm pretty sure you can use your own device can't you?
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    Besides the fact that in order to do this you would need to illegally obtain the beta firmware, this doesn't work anymore. This was only true for early beta versions - tools haven't been updated to activate or jailbreak newer devices, and you still need a provisioning profile if you DID get 2.0 activated without being in the program.
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    Or you could send your project to someone who has paid the $99 developer fee and have them put it on the App Store as a free app for you.

    Now debugging and testing on an actual iPhone instead of in the simulator may continue to a problem. Currently you have to have a signed certificate to install even debug apps on your iPhone with the beta 2.0 firmware. Which would presumably mean having to pay the $99 developer fee.
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    When I put the beta firmware on my phone, can I still use it as a regular phone?
    Continue to use all of the current apps on the phone that come with it like mail, and google maps and youtube?

    I just need to know b4 i put the firmware on my phone.
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    As you can probably tell, there are plenty of warnings all over the iPhone Developer Program portal that warns against thing. This is just to cover Apple's rear in case a bug disabled your ability to access some service or another, and yes everything still works like a normal device.
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    Great thanks,

    And I can do it directly through iTunes right? noting special to get it on my phone, just need to to the proper cert signing of the apps I want to run on it right?
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    Actually you load the firmware, certs, provisioning profile, and program through Xcode. Nothing is done through iTunes at the moment.

    Be sure to read all the directions before loading it on your phone. There are several steps to do before loading installing it. Everything is in the program portal on the developer site at apple.com.
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    Thanks a bunch from everyone here.

    I am just triple checking before I attempt this. I did go to the program portal, and just need to make sure their wasn't an easier/different way to do it.

    Agian i have another question.

    Currently I have my iPhone sync through my windows iTunes. And it keeps my settings backed up there. When I load the new firmware on my phone, will it have any problems loading those settings and configurations back onto my phone?

    I KNOW it would be better to start everything over fresh, but I don't want to start completely fresh.

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