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iPhone Image

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Juicebomb, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Not the real Deal.

    This is a brilliant fake (I'm assuming for a number of reasons). The portrayal of the advertisement makes it definitely seem authentic, but why would there be ads already printed for something that is only to be announced, and not actually released for quite some time.

    Aside from that, that jog-wheel is far to small to handle, and still be the conception of the brilliant industrial design team at Apple. Furthermore, the bottom half of this phone is taken from a Sony Ericsson phone.
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    Capt Underpants


    edit: When I posted this remark the original post was completely empty. Now that the picture is up, it looks real. Rumors have said, though, that Apple is partnering with Motorola for a phone. This could be old, or maybe the rumors are wrong, and Apple is partneriny with Sony :eek:. It looks like someone just took the bottom of a sony ericsson phone and stuck it with an Apple top. Hopefully Apple will do more than this...
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Took, a while to load, nice fake, not new iphone maybe old though, the font used isn't apple myriad, but old font.

    Edit: if you read closely under the something borrowed title, it says something about using sony ericson technology, this is either a clever old fake, or old marketing for an iPhone that almost made it, but didn't.
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    Jaffa Cake

    Isn't that the old iCreate magazine image? In which case, it's just a mock up of what the magazine thinks an iPhone might look like – in each issue they create an image of a different dream Apple product. If memory serves, it's quite an old image... and they're using the old Garamond typeface, not the new Myriad that Apple now uses on all its stuff.

    Of course, I may be mistaken...
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    Your right, it is an old iCreate issue, every month they did a What if... sorry folks!
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    cool idea, nice fake, but no, not convincing. i dont know if id even want to buy one if it came out.
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    I think apple would have the most success if they were able to seamlessly put together a phone and the ipod, so that they were both fully functional - this would lead people who wanted both to buy the phone, because it would have the same functionality as the iPod.
  8. TEG
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    It may be fake, but it does show how simple an Apple Cell Phone could be. Also, how simple it could be to make one yourself.

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    It still looks cool!
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    That is a cool mock up :cool:
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    its not cool, look carefully, its a Sony Ericson T610/616 that they've Photoshopped- look at the buttons...
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    ^^ Thats the Sony Ericson phone ^^
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    All well, they did a fairly good job anyways!
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    I don't really believe that it will look like this but i do think it will be able to work with all the iApps, and might be brush metal. Enjoy !
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    That is cool!

    The one apple is making with motorolla is gonna be just a regular motorolla and have itunes capabilities though, I thought.
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    They both look cool... i like the first one better.
    At first glance is looks real, but as u look its looks like the sony erickson.... dam i hate photoshop.... jk
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    Great mock-up. Maybe Steve is open to the idea of a phone/PDA instead of just a PDA. Remember, "let every part be its own."
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    Hey Guys, Thanks for the cool feed back it took me a few hours to build the sucker but i am totally with you about the first one, it just looks a lot more real but hey, Now time to sit back and wait for the Expo
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    Looks kinda neat, but IMO too much like a PocketPC. Apple wouldn't do that.

    I'd say neat looking mock up, but thats about it. Again, thats IMHO.
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    Argh damm XDAii, bane of my life :)
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    Why Not?

    Well come too think about it, why would apple not make a "Pocket Mac" Newton meets OS X. This would be the perfect solution to the PDA world, a handheld that works with a mac and has perfect isync abilities.


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