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iPhone programmable?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by glhiii, Jan 9, 2007.

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    I haven't been able to determine whether the iPhone is programmable (like, for example, the Palm Treo). For example, could someone put an ebook reader on it? Or are we going to be stuck with the applications in ROM? I saw the demo, and was very impressed. But the thing would be a lot more useful, potentially, if we could count on lots of 3rd-party programs being written for it.
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    He said Widgets. Tiger has Widgets. Tiger's Widgets are third party. I really doubt they'll lock it like the iPod.
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    its obviously has more functions than iPod, now the question is how close is iPhone to computer, palm-like close? winCE-PDA like close? 90% function close? does it have a cpu?, does it have a ram? or just use flashdrive? too many unknowns for now.
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    I'm sure people will be able to develop apps for them. We just don't know how, or using what. Either mini apps, or Java related. Widget like maybe.
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    I hope it's open to developers, they could churn out some incredibly cool things for it.

    I also hope they put a Terminal >-)
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    I've said it in another thread, but will repeat it here.

    Now we know why they were trying to keep Dashcode under wraps and when they finally made it public a few weeks ago it's still a public beta.

    I'll eat my hat if it doesn't support iPhone and iPhone doesn't support third party widgets.

    EDIT: Looks like I'll have to start preparing my hat for consumption according to the latest article on the front page.

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    Doesn't wirelessly sync and can't be programmed for yet. Yet. Guessing that will change.
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    According to an Article, it will not allow user installable apps. Boo to the iPhone.

    We'll see in 6 months...I bet half of us are going to forget about iPhone in the meantime. I know I will.
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    hehe iPhone Pro / iPhone Nano

    just like

    i stat pro and istat nano hehe

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