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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by jw nyc, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Which is the best iPhone app to read RSS feeds?
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    Opinions have been posted regarding this before.

    Search the forums with MRoogle to find out more info.

    I use NetNewsWire because the iPhone app can sync with an online account that is accessible via an internet browser.

    I use the internet browser at work and the iPhone app at home.
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    NetNewsWire is decent, and it works with Status Notifier, which is a bonus.

    However, there are some definite shortcomings as well.

    I haven't found one that I completely like, but so far it's been the closest.
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    Is net news wire the only one that sun a online? It seems to be a major shortcoming that you have to manually input web addresses into readers such as RSS Feed.
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    what news readers support offline content?
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    byline is the best one, it syncs with google reader.

    trust me... best one... no bs.
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    I use Gazette. Syncs with google reader and has offline browsing. I also tried byline, newsstand and a few others and, for me, this the best by far. Highly recommend it.
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    Agreed, love Byline ... A stable app with the crucial requirement of offline reading capability. If you travel, it's a life saver on the airplane.
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    Is there an RSS reader that will open app store links from feeds like apshopper.com? I have Feeds, and it doesn't support that functionality... It will let you view the web page, but the app store links do not open like they do in safari.:(

    Does anyone know if any of the RSS readers are able to do this?

    Thanks in advance....
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    Just confirmed on my iPhone that Byline opens links directly to the App Store.
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    In Byline, the iTunes links point directly to the App Store. The article link takes you to the site that provided the feed (in the example, appshopper).

    It works really well and is stable.
    Oh, and it is pretty fast (startup time, syncing time, external site loading time).
    As suggseted do your search here :)
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    Thanks for the tip. And BTW, the one I have is called Web Feeds, not Feeds (just to correct my previous post).
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    Byline is great but I personally think Newsstand is better if you want your feeds to be more organized. Byline is too disorganized for me, Byline would be perfect if it could organize feeds according to websites.
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    Don't you use labels/folders in Google Reader? Byline does a good job when loading the feeds from folder to folder.

    I am just curious as to the kind of organization that you have in Newsstand.
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