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Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by TSX, Jan 27, 2010.

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    I wonder if you can take a JB iPhone and tether it to and iPad. That way you dont have to get the 3g chip.
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    That's the million dollar question. And one I hope gets resolved before I buy.
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    You'd have to have a means to get the signal to the iPad, and the only connector on the iPad is the dock connector. Well, plus the iPad would have to be JB, too, to accept and use the signal.

    Not terribly likely.
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    To get the signal to the iPad, you would use the wifi it has. And im guessing you could get the cydia app that lets you turn your iPhone in to a wireless router and the iPad wouldnt have to be JB either.
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    Yes the app is called MiWi ( JB , install rock then download app)

    It costs 10 bucks, but having a personal wifi router where ever I go is pretty nifty
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    Indeed that's the million dollar question. Redundant to carry both an iPhone and an iPad outside the house when I already have 3G on the iPhone and can go online on it.
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    Or, official tethering and Bluetooth?

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