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iPhone to Mac call notifications?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Che Castro, May 12, 2013.

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    Is there an app in Cydia or the AppStore that can let me get phone call alerts on my mac

    Maybe by installing the app on my phone & on the Mac

    I don't care about answering the call on the Mac I just want the notification

    I have at&t , I read about google voice but they mentioned using growl on the Mac ,but these are old threads & I don't want to use a google voice number
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    The only option that I am aware of (which works very nicely, albeit for a ridiculous price) is a Mac App called Phone Amego (no iPhone jailbreak required). Basically, turns your Mac into a bluetooth headset and integrates your phone notifications with notification center (also has growl support). The developer is also perhaps the best there is at customer satisfaction. If you head over to the MacUpdate website for the app and post any issues you are having or features you wish the app had, the developer responds within a couple days (and often pushes out an app update with the requested feature within a week). And here I am still waiting for retina support for Acrobat Pro. FML (actually f *** adobe).
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    Thanks ^

    I found something called growlnotifier from Cydia but I'm not sure if it works with iOS 6.1
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    That is probably a better option if you're jail broken since it pushes all notifications to your Mac I believe (Phone Amego only does phone calls, voicemail, and SMS).
  5. Che Castro, May 15, 2013
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    i can't get this growl thing working

    growl app works on my mac but iphone notifications dont appear on the mac afer setting everything up using growlnotifier
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    I installed phone amego and everything is working great , my trial ends on June 3 but I don't see myself paying $30 for this app is good but not $30 good
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    My thoughts exactly. Such a ridiculous price. There's an educational discount promo code on the website, but it's still $20. Too many features I don't use that (which probably justifies the price if I did). Dev should offer a cheaper version with less features.
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    ok i finally got this working right

    i installed GrowlNotifier on my iphone 5 6.1 from cydia

    then i installed growl on my mac the latest version 2.0,i went into growl settings on the mac ,go to the network tab and click on listen for incoming notifications
    you will see an IP address showing in the box,

    now go to your iphone/settings/GrowlNotifier click on edit/add server , now enter the IP address you got on the mac , leave the port number as default

    now at first it wasn't working , so i put a password in on both mac growl and iphone , then i removed it and selected wifi only and now it works

    i get non imessage sms notifications on my mac and also missed calls notifications

    now all i need now is a way to get iphone notifications pushed to me ipad
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    You'd think Apple could integrate notifications with iCloud and have everything synced between Apple devices. If I check a tweet on my
    iPhone, clear the alert on my Mac and iPad. Just seems like common sense.
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    theres a new app in the app store that lets you do this


    i got everything working great

    if somebody calls you ,while the phone is ringing , you will get a notification on your mac, when they hangup you will get another missed called notification ,

    there's an option to select which apps you don't want notifications from

    the app might get pulled from the app store , so if your looking for something like this get it now :apple:

    you need to have bluetooth running on both mac and ios , the mac app is free, & the ios app $3.99

    you wont missed a text or a call while on your mac , i don't get why apple has not done this yet

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