iPhone Will Not Allow User Installable Applications?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sirin, Jan 10, 2007.

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    If they do I think it will be apart of Apple's strategy of simplicity. Keep the phone with software that will be used by the user, nothing difficult and unnecessary which developers would bring out, although I'm not saying that all software would be terrible from developers.

    I also wonder if software developed for the iPhone was allowed, would devs have to pay royalties?
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    If it doesn't support user installable apps it is truly lame for its price.
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    Yep, we'll see in 6 months...I bet half of us are going to forget about iPhone in the meantime. I know I will.
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    I don't imagine it's going to allow regular OS X apps to be installed. I would say that it will have to allow the typical Java apps that most phones allow (games or whatever - although then again with the revolutionary interface who knows if they'd work) or allow cut-down apps...
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    Right. If I can't run Office 2007, CS3, Aperture and VLC, what the hell use is it anyway? Lame, lame, lame. :mad:
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    It should support some applications, but how long was it before the iPod was able to accept non-Apple applications? It was quite a while.

    Consider that the applications likely have to use the resolution-independent version of the GUI that's part of Leopard. That would mean that current applications wouldn't work anyway.

    It would do Apple well to have versions of Preview and TextEdit available by June 2007, just to allow a bit more productivity out of the thing. A lot can be done by then and who knows what the official plan is?
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    aple would be stupid not to allow apps to be signed for it.
    I imagine an iwork maybe for it...just like office on the other phones

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