iPhone5mod Launches Translucent Mod Kit in Seven Colors for iPhone 5

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 8, 2013.

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    iPhone5mod continues to launch both unofficial Lightning accessories and other interesting products for iPhone owners, and the company today has announced its Translucent Mod Kit for the iPhone 5.

    The kit includes an entire set of parts to turn an iPhone 5 translucent on the rear and sides, offering users willing to disassemble their devices a rather unique look. Due to high cost and complexities involving the LCD on the iPhone 5 display, the mod kit does not change the front of the device.

    The set includes a translucent rear body panel, as well as translucent micro-SIM card slot, mute/power buttons and a translucent Lightning port. The rear body panel is available in seven different translucent colors: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red, and pink.

    The kit also includes color-matched top and bottom antenna windows on the rear of the device. For the first 48 hours of availability, customers will receive all seven sets of top and bottom windows in the various colors, allowing users to mix and match as they see fit. After the limited time offer, users will have to select one color of top and bottom window panels for their orders.

    Pricing is set at $39.90 for the entire kit, although customers interested in purchasing all seven color variations of the main back body panel can do so for a kit price of $169.

    Article Link: iPhone5mod Launches Translucent Mod Kit in Seven Colors for iPhone 5
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    reminds me of the old days with pager parts
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    For the price of a nice case, i'd do this.

    EDIT: Just watched the video and changed my mind. It's pretty ugly.
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    Couldn't this cause problems with camera light sensors, ie, light leakage?
  6. Oui
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    Reminds me of the carts at the mall and riced out Nokia phones
    No thanks.
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    This would have been cool.
    In the 90's
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    why would u do that???


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    That's hideous. It didn't look good on beepers in 1997, It didn't look good on Nokias either, and it doesn't look good now.
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    Think I prefer the standard shell too.
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    No. The camera is a sealed unit. The only light making it's way to the sensor is what goes through the lens...
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    I bet they will sell a ton of these. I would never do it, but I'm sure there are plenty who will.
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    Very first gen iMac-esque
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    I don't understand how you can replace part of the antenna system with something that is obviously plastic...?
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    Reminds me of my original clear GameBoy i still have :D

    EDIT: looks like I was too late, good job Yvan256 :)
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    So this is for the people who think the iPhone is too sexy?
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    I think I'll keep mine stock... nicks and all!
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    Why do iPhone5mod, one of hundreds of companies based in china, that make fake, counterfeit parts and accessories, continuously get exposure like this?

    It's misleading for customers as the stuff they sell is cheap, fake tat.


    Exactly and I'd like to see an answer to this.
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    Why would you need separate antenna covers in a plastic case?

    Why would they design a back replacement case that is meant to be visible when using it without having a thicker protective lip to protect the glass?

    Why make something that most iPhone users can't install without the specialized tool?

    What is MacRumors relationship with iPhone5mod?
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    Now nudists can take naked iPhone's to the beach!
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    I agree. I love it how people slam things based on aesthetics. Would I do this? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that other people won't or shouldn't if that's what they want to do. Especially the multitude of teenagers that received iP5's for X-mas and want it to look different from the 400 other kids in their school with iP5's. Have you seen some of the cases that people put on their phones? I personally think they look hideous, but if that's what they want on their phone, more power to them.

    Besides, design trends reappear. It's been about 20 years since the translucent plastic revolution, it's about time for it to come back around.
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    Should this be nano-SIM, or did they manage to squeeze a micro into the iPhone 5?
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    OMG who knew the iPhone had a BATTERY in it? Also there's a PIECE OF METAL!!!

    For a transparent shell, this manages to show off almost nothing.
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    Please, find me another company that makes iphone5 case modifications? How about another company that makes cheap non-MFI lighting cables that ship from within the US? I've looked, there aren't many. This is the only one that meets both criteria.


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