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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MoonShadow, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Does anyone know if there is a way to arrange photos in an album so that when the album is burned in toast it keeps the original order? Thanks.
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    You should be able to drag them around and reorder them any way you want. You can't do that in the library, but once you create an album you can do it there. That's how books are created also; create an album and drag the pictures around until they're in the order that you want. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks marc

    I have that figured out. What happens is when I drag the whole album into toast so that I can burn a CD, all the photos are re-arranged on the CD.
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    Not sure if this works, but have you tried burning from within iPhoto. i think that Toast just creates an alphabetical list from the groups of files so that is probably the issue you are encountering.
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    What is the purpose of the CD? If it will only be used in iPhoto, then what kgarner said is absolutely correct; burn the CD in iPhoto, and (depending on what you select to burn to the CD) pictures in the albums should be in the correct order. If, on the other hand, you want to take this CD to a Windows machine, or view it with software other than iPhoto, it won't work. Sorry, I misunderstood your initial question.

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    Burning from iPhoto sorts your disk in the same manner as iPhoto in Finder. Fine if you want to keep looking at your photos through iPhoto but darn annoying if you don't.

    Easiest way is to export the album from iPhoto to your desktop and then drag the album to Toast. Just tried it and it seems to work for me. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, Munkle, That worked just fine.

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