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iPod 2006 updater query

Discussion in 'iPod' started by karenb2, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I am a newbie to this site and also the owner of a new iPod photo. :) I have added lots of music and photos using the itunes and ready to go.

    However, I am still in the learning process and need some help.

    I went onto the apple website today and tried to download the latest updater for my iPod - 2006-01-10

    I tried to run this but get the error message that the 'ipodsetup[1].exe is not a valid Win 32 application'. :confused:

    I have no idea what this means or why it won't download.

    Please can someone explain this error message and I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?

    Many thanks.
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    What version of Windows are you using? Are you sure (sorry to ask but you never know) that you have the Windows version, not the Mac one? The .exe should indicate a Windows version but you never know...
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    The first thing I would wonder about is if you got a good download from Apple. Is the iPodSetup.exe you got about 45.5 MB?
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    I am using Windows XP. :)


    I went to the apple website - http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/ where it says get the iPod updater and clicked the 'download iPod software update'.

    I presumed it would just be automatic but when I try to install it I get the error message. i have searched my computer and against what I think is the file it says it is a 'pf - prefetch' file. I have no idea what this means either. The size of this file is 32Kb.

    Sorry if you think I am a dummy but I am at a loss as to why it doesn't download. I am curious to know if anyone else has tried to download this latest update and had problems. Or am I the only one??:confused:

    :confused: :confused:
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    Okay, a direct download link link should be:
    this. Wanna try a right-click and save of that and see if you have better luck?

    [edit: this version of the link may be more reliable. ]
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    Thanks iMeowbot for your help.

    Did exactly what you said but no luck I'm afraid.:(

    Still get the error message that the ipodsetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

    Think I am wasting my time and your time. Maybe I should forget about the update for the time being. Such a pity because the current update I have is 2005-11-17 so I thought it would be good to be completely up to date with the 2006 version.
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    That's really weird, it should load and run fine :confused:

    Are you behind a firewall at work or school, or using one of those download manager thingies? I just tried downloading and running that file in XP, and it does run here. The icon, if the program downloaded correctly, should be of a little cardboard box with an iPod in it.
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    I am now using the edited link that you sent to see what happens with that.

    The icon that I got isnt like you suggest. Its the normal windows program icon - the white box with blue stripe at the top and 3 white spots - don't laugh but reminds me of a dishwasher!!:D

    I will get back to you when I have finished saving your edited link.

    PS tried to put an avatar on here but no such luck either. then I find out that I have to post 500 threads in order to be allowed to have one. What a bummer. Although at this rate I might end up posting 500 threads onthis topic!!:D
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    Okay, that's a generic icon, if you get that again it means you are getting an incomplete download. It could be a problem with Akamai (a file caching service used on Apple's end) or with your ISP, in which case there might not be much you can do but wait a day or two and see if the problem gets fixed :(
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    Thanks iMeowbot for your help. I used your edited link (and disabled my Norton security firewall temporarily) and it worked. I have the icon showing the cardboard box and ipod in it. I have been on itunes and updated my iPod.

    Don't know why it wouldnt work direct from the Apple website but who cares. You helped me out. Thanks very much.:D

    Now I will have to think of other things to talk about so I can get an avatar on my profile.:rolleyes:
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    Okay, now that's just weird, all those should have given you the right file! Let's blame Norton, it's generally evil. Now all we have left to do is to brainwash you into buying a Mac, so you don't need to run that Norton stuff :D
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    Thanks iMeowbot.:)

    I have never ever used an Apple Mac computer in my life. Have no idea about its operating system but must admit I am tempted to have a look at what these machines have to offer. Would it be easy to use after Windows?? What do you mean about not needing to use 'that Norton stuff'. Doesnt Mac use any anti-virus software? :confused:

    Maybe I should check out the other threads to see if I can find out these answers.

    I am looking for a new laptop so maybe I should have a look around at the Mac range instead.
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    For the most part it's an easy transition, since Windows started out as a copy of the Mac. There are different ways of doing some common things, but it feels more like moving to another town than a foreign country.

    The one thing that could be painful is if you have invested in a lot of expensive Windows-only software that you intend to keep. Some people find that the programs that come with Macs cover it all, others aren't so lucky.

    Some people do run antivirus software just in case, but it's pretty lonely. You'll find a lot of arguments in these forums over why we don't have any viruses, but it's agreed all around that we don't get them :)

    You're right though, there's plenty of good reading in old threads to fill in on the nuances. Have, fun?

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