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iPod 3rd Gen, Hard Drive Replacement vs New iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by swiftaw, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Okay, so I have an old iPod 3rd gen with a 40 gig hard drive that is only used for one purpose:

    It sits in the glove box of my car connected to the car stereo.

    Therefore, I didn't care that the battery was virtually useless because it ran off the car power the whole time.

    Anyway, now the hard drive has died and so I am without music in the car (other than the radio). So, the question is, should I replace the hard drive or just buy a new iPod? It seems a little silly to by a new iPod classic if it's only going to be used in the car (I have a Ipod Touch and an iPod shuffle) that I use when I'm out and about).

    What do people think?
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    Why not get a new 4th gen Nano? The 8GB is only $149 now.
    Probably like $20 more than a new hard drive for your old one.
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    I want to have my entire library in the car, which is about 35 gigs
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    You could probably get a last-generation 80GB Classic for quite cheap now.
    The only difference between the old and new ones are capacity, thinness, and support for the new Apple headphones with buttons.
  5. mzd
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    hmm, my iPod 3rd gen also just died yesterday as well. it had been running great until now. :(
    i did a little research and 20GB drives are ~$60. not sure on the 40GB though. it will be cheaper to replace the HD, but, getting a new iPod, particularly the 80 refurb ($169) is rather cheap.

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