iPod 5G vs. Dell Axim

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gammamonk, Oct 18, 2005.

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    For the sake of argument, what is the benefit of buying an iPod video over a PDA with music and video capabilities?

    Something like an Axim has endless features and a bigger screen. I just checked and they start around $300. Add in a 4gig microdrive for storage.

    Other than the obvious, "It's cool," "It's apple." What other reason is there to buy the iPod?
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    is this a joke?

    does the Dell only have 4 Gig storage if so you get oh 15 times the amount of storage in an iPod. And why anyone would buy a dell product outside of a monitor is beyond me.

    I will wait for that random day Apple makes a PDA then i will buy that.

    and since when is it called the iPod video, last time i checked it was called the iPod.

    and iTMS
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    Dell makes many crappy products
    Apple's iPod has iTunes Music Store
    Apple has 15 times the hard drive space on its iPod 5g or 30 times!

    iPod wins!!
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    It's not a joke, and specifying "iPod video" is just pointing out the 5G. I see you have hatred for Dell, which I can understand in this forum.

    I'm asking this on a purely hardware level. I've used a Dell Axim before, and it was quite good. You can play any number of video formats, surf the internet wirelessly, play games, etc etc...

    Personally, on any given weekend, I'm sitting on a train for 4 hours total. The iPod cannot operate for over 2 (3 for the 60gig) hours playing video. The dell has a battery pack I can switch if it runs out. 4 gigs is more than enough for 4 hours of portable video, and some music.
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    PDAs really aren't all they are cracked up to be. There are some people that swear by them, but most people I know are disappointed by them. They are being rapidly phased out by cell phones and iPods, because portable all-functional devices like PDAs just don't do anything very well.
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    i think it depends on your intended use... an iPod is not a PDA, video player, mp3 player, game player, etc.

    it is an mp3 player. with some limited video capability.
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    Yeah, I think you're right. That's probably why Steve was so reluctant to add in video capabilities. Other than being really cool looking, I guess I don't have a reason to replace my 3G iPod with a 5G.

    By the way, new Apple announcement AND southpark on the 19th!
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    1) It "just works". I have tried the road you mention here and it's not pleasent. Trying to get a PAD to do any more than limited audio work is usually a PITA between syncing the right music to easy playback controls. Trust me when I say being having "more features" is not 100% true. Back when I had one there were, truly, very few add-on applications that were truly worthy to run on the axim and were not more trouble than they were worth.

    2) Battery life. The iPod being optimized for music will give you 2-3x the battery life for that one function. Sure if your intent is to watch movies it's not the best, but this is an audio player remeber.

    3) iPod community is vibrant and growing. There are enought software and hardware addons to suit almost any need. I'm sure the Axim has a community too, but I doubt it has the variety and depth of extras.

    4) Legal choices for content

    If you plan on using it as a music player, based on your post, you would be spending between 400-500 to outfit a axim with 4gb of memory. At this point you would be spending 2x the money to get the extra features ( over a nano ). Spend the extra cash on a nice THIN palm pda.

    If you plan on using it primarly for video it would seem that maybe a PSP is more what you want. iPod's have never been directed twards that market even if they CAN do some today.

    If you want a PDA then this is a moot discussion since you should be looking for the PDA features you want, not trolling forums like this to "justify" your purcase.
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    I think we've concluded that if video is your goal, the iPod should not be the team captain. Can we conclude that a PDA is the best bet?

    Other options are a PSP which is too big, or an archos which is too expensive.

    Other opinions?
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    "Apples" vs oranges IMO, but don't get me wrong, until the ultimate convergence device shows up each device has it's own merits.
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    I would think about what your GOALS are... what do you really want to do. You may end up realizing that 90% of the time you will use it as a music player and then the iPod's right back to the head of the class being a fine product ( with some features that the PSP does not have like video out ).

    If you want a PDA then SAY you want a PDA and stop dancing around the question wasting our time.
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    i have two 12" powerbooks whenever i need video on the go, perfect size and lasts a while for video and can do much more.

    I would hate staring at a 3" by 4" screen as it would give me a huge headache and i would probably throw the thing against a wall.
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    You got your post right before I finished my last one-- I have a cell phone with accomplishes everything PDA-wise. I'm just looking for video.

    I don't mean to be in any way rude, or a troll, but what's the deal? This is the second reply I've gotten with a negative vibe. I'm just asking a legitimate question.

    I gotta get to bed now, it's 10:40pm in Japan. I'll check back in the morning.

    Thanks for everyone's feedback.
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    Cripes, why don't you go out and buy a LifeDrive while you're at it, eh?
    Totally Apples to oranges.
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    Your question lacked much substance, so we were forced to interpret. If you intent was to purchase a video player then posting in these forums was bound to get you some "strange looks" because most of the people here believe apple is on the right track since portable video is still a work in progress. You should have been much more up-front with your posting.

    We are just trying to save you the expense of figuring out for yourself that features don't mean squat without integration.
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    More reasons...

    1) To get a better ( more pixels ) screen on the Axim you have to buy the $499 version. The 300 and 400 dollar versions all have a 3.5 QVGA screen. Sure it's larger but that's all, no more resolution.

    2) Battery life on the Axim is almost the same as a 60gb iPod for video ( iPod winning because of price )

    3) Axim display not optimized for large viewing angle.

    4) PocketPC still consitered by many a buggy platform.

    So if the PSP is "too big" and the archos "too expensive" then I think you are left with the iPod since the axim + 4gb storage will be just as expensive as the archos.
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    the dell wouldn't hold my whole music collection, which is the entire point.
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    Lots of good feedback this morning.

    I'm thinking now, that if the 5G iPod becomes very successful as a video player, Apple will certainly release a version with better battery life, and a bigger screen. I keep imagining an iPod where the entire front is a touchscreen, with a virtual scroll wheel appearing over the video or album art when you touch the screen. That would be supremely awesome. You'd need a huge battery to power such a large screen tho.

    With anything Apple, there is wisdom in waiting for the second revision.
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    I never have cared for the touch screen devices that I have used. One being the Siemens SX66. quickly traded it for a Moto RAZR V3. I just really like the simplicty of the iPod's navigation. Especially for a device I use on the move.
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    Because a 5g iPod isn't a second version? Because you want a 2g iPod?

    Their will ALWAYS be something new comming out in a year...
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    Alright snowmoon, just don't talk to me anymore. I'm obviously refering to a second revision of a video capable iPod.
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    jeez. people are so defensive of apple like they owe the company something. he said for the sake of argument and "omg, he called it iPod video" wow dude, not that big of a deal
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    I thought I'd weigh in with my experiences since I've gone through the whole "ipod vs. axim" debate as well. It's really a bit of a long story...

    First, I've had iPods since the original (5gig with actual scrolling wheel). I always loved them. This summer, I got a Dell Axim x50v (the VGA version). It's a great little device; it keeps me organized and I'm also able to check my email and go online with it. It's really a joy to use, and I'm always able to find cool new programs/functions for it (check out www.aximsite.com).

    Anyways, I started to get tired of carrying so much stuff in my pockets. I'd carry my Axim in one of my pockets, and in my other pocket my cell phone and my keys. Then, when I'm walking, I'd have my iPod going too...just too much electronic stuff. I decided to sell my iPod, and buy a 1gig SD card for the Axim, and play music from it.

    Right now, I use my Axim as my do-it-all device. I use a program called gsplayer (skinned to look like itunes), and I have a set of retractable headphones that I keep in my bag. When I want to listen to music, I pull out the headphones and listen away. With the 1gig card, the Axim only holds around 200 songs (I just sync my top 200 songs from itunes using an awesome program called synctunes).

    It's nice, because I have less devices, and I haven't really longed for my iPod since. Sometimes, I want to hear a song and it's not there, but it's not that devastating. A couple cautions though: First, the axim's battery life is not great. Second, using the Axim for music is definitely not it's strong suit (keeping music organized and such isn't anywhere close to as easy).

    If we're talking about music playback, the iPod wins, hands down. The Axim can just do so much more, and I was willing to give up a bit of musical convenience for the ability to use my electronic device for so much more.

    Having said that, I recently bought my girlfriend one of the new iPods with video, and I'm pretty damn excited to get it. I've found myself to be really excited about the new iPod, and I think that the coolness of the iPod is untouchable.

    Now, as far as video goes, I really can't comment yet (haven't received the iPod yet). I can tell you that video is pretty awesome on the Axim though. 2 big pluses with the Axim: 1) Bigger screen. 2) Able to play more types of format (divx, etc).

    I hope this helps in your decision. Basically, I think you just need to decide what you want to use this device for. If it's more than just music and video, than the axim is probably the winner. If it's just music and video, the iPod probably gives it a good run. I can keep in contact with you, and tell you more about the iPod vs. Axim comparison when the iPod arrives.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the Axim; I'm happy to help. I remember being faced with the same decision, and it was tough.

    BTW, if you're planning on using a microdrive with the Axim, you'll probably notice even less battery life. You can get SD and CF cards from pretty cheap though. Also, the new Axims can be had for quite cheap if you buy them at the right times (I got mine for $260 with a spare battery and 2 year warranty).

    Okay, all the best with your decision.


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    Wow! Thanks. That's a lot of great information. I think once you get your new iPod, we can really decide the winner for video. You brought up another point, which is that the Axim can play more generic video files. Meaning I wouldn't have to convert every video I want to watch. How many hours would you say you can get watching video?

    Please let us know how you feel when you receive that new iPod! ^__^

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